Man made voters rights law and Gods’ law

Dr. P.L. Wright
Dr. P.L. Wright

Written by Dr. P. L. Wright


    Thinking back in 1965 when I was just 18-years-old, I understood even then that there should never have been a controversy whether I as a Black person should have the right to vote or not. What reason could the GOP (Grand Ole Party-who represent the Republican Party) need to have to create a voters’ Rights Law so that African American People could vote their conscience. African American People have the precise same God given inhesitant right as any other human has under the Law of God.         

    We are all humans and we may have individual differences but through our DNA we are all of the same human race. Let’s stop kidding ourselves that what the GOP is creating about the voters ID and voting is only to stop voter fraud. It mirrors and smells of Greed and Racism. The real reason is intentionally to disenfranchise those persons who are of color, the elderly and the poor. Without equal opportunities to empower themselves financially, many persons of color, poor and the elderly may not be able to continue to vote. 

    They would have to purchase a birth certificate and a new drivers or state license identification. . This new law created by the GOP would make it almost impossible for many others who are poor and those persons of color and the elderly to vote. Many elderly persons would have a problem because when they were born there were no birth certificates being issued by any Government or State Agencies. Therefore many elderly would not be able to continue to vote even if they are legal U. S. citizens and have been voting for many years with their photo ID and voters registration card.

    This new GOP law would merely give a step up with an uneven playing field for others to vote for the opposing candidate of President Barack Obama. This candidate would sustain the process of maintaining the status of the elderly, the poor, and people of color to continue to be subserbiant to the rich. Since we all have the right to choose who we want to serve us in the White House, we all deserve the right to vote our conscience and not have anyone or anything to stop us if we have already been voting, and we are United States Citizens.

    The Rich must stop monopolizing the opportunities and the wealth for other Americans to improve and empower themselves to earn a share of the same wealth. It is really enough for all of us to share. God has already made it that way.


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