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Meet John ‘Jahni’ Moore

John-Jahni-MooreMeet John ‘Jahni’ Moore

Artist Statement

I am fascinated by the magic and duality of human journey. Art is wand or baton I use to provoke a seed of inspiration toward hope. Through the use of vivid imagery fused with magic and reality, I expose or juxtapose a particular event, emotion, or cause in the human continuum.   My studio is a laboratory where I experiment with art supplies and life stuff in the form of social commentary. With the use of paint, charcoal, pen and ink, and found objects, I seek to invoke revelation, healing, and ultimately revolution within the audience.  My goal is to put art where it is most effective.

I am an artist of the people. My goal is to put art back in the hands and lives of everyday people.  Everyone deserves the beauty and culture that art can bring to a community.  Public art speaks to this.  In that I feel that public art is the highest calling.

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