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Meet Judie C. Nance

Author: Short & Virtuous Bedtime Stories for Children: Volume 1

Short & Virtuous Bedtime Stories for Children brings together timeless stories chosen especially for a children to help parents introduce them to the essentials of good character: Responsibility, Courage, Perseverance, Work, Self-discipline, Compassion, Faith, Honesty, Loyalty, and Friendship

      Inspired by her grandchildren, Judie C. Nance has published her first book, Short & Virtuous Bedtime Stories for Children, with the help of her family. Born and raised in Osceola, Ark., Judie often wrote and published short poems in her pastime, but her heart desired to do more. She later moved to Florida and now resides in Broward County.

Now a grandmother of four, she is inspired to do more for the children. Her first love at reading and writing came from bedtime stories with her own children. The more she did it, the more she discovered her passion. She started out writing stories for her oldest grandchild, Joshua, by using his name in the stories. Excited by this, it led to even greater enthusiasm from her grandchildren, godchildren, and young family members, when the stories included in the book uses their name as well as others as the fictional “realistic” characters in the book.

The book is made of several short stories that encourage the reader to use their imagination. Topics that are addressed for the reader include honesty, good character, responsibility, faith, and more. While the book has a relation to her family and faith, it does not limit its readers to a specific race, culture, nor religion. It is an easy-to-read book for age five and up.

There is so much influence from social media, television, radio, and even cartoons nowadays that children are not getting as much positive substance as needed if they are not reading books that reinforce and reevaluate their values, encourage imagination, and reiterate morals. The lack of reading is detrimental to a child because it limits their understanding and vocabulary. Allowing them to only look at videos, cartoons, and limit them to picture-only reading as they get older, limits their ability to use their mind and speech in an impactful way. It is important for children to explore their imagination. The book is not over populated with photos on purpose, to allow the reader to visualize on their own and draw any creative conclusion possible.

    The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go!

                        -Dr. Seuss

Credit to the help of her daughter, Kirby Eyma, Judie was motivated to move forward with publishing the book. Now her book is available for purchase on Amazon, Lulu, and available for reading at the local Tamarac, African American Research Library, and the Main Libraries. Coming soon in October will be a book reading and meet the author at the Tamarac Library.


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