Meet Nas’ Daughter, Destiny Jones, Founder of New Makeup Line, Lipmatic

 By Ryan Steal

Destiny Jones is the daughter of popular rapper, Nasir “Nas” Jones. Following her father’s footsteps, Destiny is also pursuing greatness in her own way. She is now going beyond all odds to become her own boss.

Her inspiration to venture into the business world is credited to many things including how she was brought up and the lessons she learned from her father. Now, being the founder of a new makeup line, she named Lipmatic, Destiny says she has been able to achieve that much because of some important nuggets she got from her dad as she grew up.

“My dad definitely taught me to focus on what I’m doing and not get distracted by anyone else. I have my own vision and my own road. He taught me to trust myself and be confident,” Destiny told Ebony.

The 27-year-old businesswoman went ahead to explain why she particularly chose to start a makeup line. She had crazy love and passion for lip gloss at 19, which made her try many different brands. Moreover, she wanted to incorporate the hip-hop culture and the city she grew up in.

“When I was around 19, I still had a huge love and passion for lip gloss,” she said. “I always wore a lot of different brands and would mix them together because I didn’t always like the feeling and consistency. I decided to start my own organic lipgloss line, [Lipmatic], and branded it to incorporate New York, hip-hop, and the culture that I grew up in.”

The name Lipmatic came by as Destiny was listing down her dad’s albums. She says the lip line reminds her of life in New York City as she grew up.

“I want the brand to reflect more-so the urban community and hip-hop culture that I came from.”

Besides, she aspires to be an exemplary Black woman who will encourage other Black women to pursue their dreams in generations to come.

“It’s important to me to be a positive role model and put myself in a position where I’m able to give as many opportunities as possible to like-minded creative young Black women who have their own stories to tell,” she said.

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