Shy Santiago, a language influencer, a homeschooling mother of 9, and the founder and CEO of Learn A Language 4 Fun, has continued to create more beginner-level bilingual books for children learning Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Swahili, and more. Based in Euclid, Ohio, her books not only teach the basics of different languages but also now include the profiles of multiple professionals from around the world. While writing these books, Ms. Santiago decided to collaborate with various business owners to feature to create a way that will provide Black children with images that reflect who they are while learning multiple languages.

“This family truly understands how representation can help shape young minds,” states Stephanie Wallace, a longtime supporter and customer.

“Our children are geniuses trying to function in a society that does not fully understand how Brilliant their minds truly are,” Santiago said in a Facebook post. After reading the books, Awakening the Natural Genius in Black Children by Amos Wilson and the Miseducation of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson, she understands, how important it is to create solutions, that can help Black children successfully advance their minds into multilingualism.

Santiago started reaching out to families on social media and even ventured out into her community to connect with Black doctors, farmers, lawyers, scientists, entrepreneurs, principals, authors, chefs, teachers, radio hosts, artists, comedians, and so many more that could be featured on a page in her book, that will describe their profession in another language. Which in return would be free worldwide advertising and our children would be able to see and experience the greatness that the Black community provides. “If there is a book you want to read but it hasn’t been written yet then you must write it’, Toni Morrison. Ms. Santiago wrote in a Twitter Post whom she references as one of her inspirations.

“My mission is to provide our children with the educational material that is necessary for them to start learning multiple languages,” Santiago during an interview with Sandra Wilson, CEO of Black Connections LLC who is also featured in the Mandarin Chinese book. Santiago has committed herself to create a series called Our Colorful Multilingual Adventures that will consist of over 10 hardcover beginner bilingual books in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Kiswahili, multilingual numbers, multilingual colors, Arabic, African languages, selected native languages, Russian, Portuguese, and many more.

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