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Men “Behaving” Badly…

Men “Behaving” Badly…

By Darrin D. Brown, Sr.

I felt compelled to write this letter when I heard about the outcry of women who have been violated by men in this country. Being a father of a beautiful teenage daughter, I find myself in protect mode it comes to her on going safety against men. Every media outlet is talking about what former senator candidate Moore, Senator Franken, and former President Clinton and yes, our current president Trump has said and done. But let’s be perfectly clear about something when it comes to who we group into these heinous crimes. What senator Moore did was a pedophile act and is a criminal offense. What Senator Franklin admitted to doing is a violation of a woman’s rights and liberties. Former President Clinton whether it was consensual or not could be interpreted that his position of power had lot to do with his acts with women. Our current President (Trump) made comments that were caught on tape that was not to pleasing for the world to hear. Furthermore let’s not forget Harvey Weinstein who spearheaded the group with his years of abuse of power.

Clearly, we have a problem in this country and it has nothing to do with whether you are a Republican or Democrat. More than often, we forget that we are all Americans. For whatever reason we feel compelled to one up one another like we are competing in a sporting event. Our women need to be protected in every sense because if the American public does not protect then who they can turn to. I need to know that this country is going to protect my daughter long after I am not here to speak on her behalf. I do not want her to feel she has to compromise her position in life to get a position in life. I truly respect the women who are coming forward because there is a lot to say about momentum. Momentum is a form of courage and confidence and what these women are doing is every bit of both.

Before the American people speak against these women, asked the question which we tend to ignore. What do these women have to gain by coming out with this information? I say exposure to an epidemic that has gone on far too long. All the women who came out had a platform to say what happen to them but there are millions who cannot get on television or radio to tell their story. Let’s not forget about them. We must attack this problem at the local levels in our society. For change we must talk about it from the grass until it is instilled into every young man in American that women are not here for them to do as they please without any consequences.

Every morning l let my daughter know that she is beautiful and smart. She is my princess and she has been since the day she was conceived. My relationship with my daughter is what I want her to cherish and use as a guide when it comes onto men in our society. The Weinstein of the world who take their position of power to insult and violate women are simply predators and cowards. They have no moral values that are in line with what I call human decency. As an American and man, we must change the culture to how we treat women and the ironic part is it starts with us men.

In addition to having a beautiful daughter who I just adore, I have two sons. My boys who I am teaching to be a leader of people understand the nature of this letter. I must continue to reinforce the teaching that I am trying to convey in this letter. It is my hope the men who are creating these heinous behaviors understand that their boys are watching. And if for some reason you do not have boys, America is watching.


Darrin D. Brown, Sr.


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