Miami-Dade School Board approves college entrance examinations item proffered by Dr. Steve Gallon, III

At its January meeting, the Miami-Dade School Board approved Board item H-14, College Entrance Examinations, as proffered by Dr. Steve Gallon III, which received unanimous co-sponsorship and approval by the entire Board. Several members of the community came out to support and share their feelings and experiences.

The School Board remains committed to providing all students with a quality education, inclusive of academic support and enrichment opportunities, as well as supporting and advocating for their fair, equal, and equitable pursuit of their hopes, dreams, aspirations, and life’s work.

For many students, the pathway to a life of promise, prosperity, and a rewarding, respectful career is attending and graduating from college.

Yet, regretfully for many students, this pathway is riddled with academic, social, financial, and often, systemic roadblocks and impediments that prevent many students, after graduation, from attending college or university.

Recently, the “flagging” and withholding of the college entrance examination score of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) senior high students preparing to graduate has drawn light on this issue and the impact on students.

“We must never hesitate to wade in the waters of support and advocacy on behalf of our students and their families,” said Dr. Gallon. “Once again I’m proud of my colleagues for standing in solidarity with our students and families on this issue.”

This item directs the Superintendent to review and quantify instances in which such “flagging” and withholding of college entrance examination scores of M-DCPS students has been solely due to increased test scores. It does not seek to address instances of wrongdoing or improprieties. It also seeks for the District to work with entities that manage and/or have authority for the administration of such college entrance examinations to review these matters and ways to achieve resolutions. Lastly, this item directs the Superintendent to provide information, through schools, websites, and offices such as the College Assistance Program, on the process for reporting and responding to the “flagging” or withholding of a college entrance examination score due to a score increase determined to be statistically significant; and provide an update to the Board no later than the Board meeting of March 13, 2019.

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