Miami Dolphins Back to Their Winning Ways The Miami Dolphins finally look like the team that we expected them to play like. Anytime the Miami Dolphins play a Super Bowl contending team at home, for some reason, they never let their fans down. On Sunday, the good news is that the Miami Dolphins showed us that they’re not ready to lay down for the rest of the season. The Dolphins played with the type of hunger that we’ve been expecting the entire season. Miami came out and did their best against one of the NFL’s best teams in the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are Super Bowl contenders but against Miami looked far from it.  accomplished the task by capturing the 30-15 win.

Xanax Online Next Day Delivery Miami accomplished the task by capturing the 30-15 win. 1024w, https:/ 600w, https:/ 300w, https:/ 768w “I think we played a pretty good game without looking at the all the film and all the details, but obviously came out with the W. That’s what we wanted to accomplish. We always want to accomplish it when we are at home and especially take care of our home field advantage” said Ndamukong Suh. Miami was the aggressor as they got into the chin of the Steelers all game long. As soon as the opening kickoff occurred it looked like Miami was determined to win. Meanwhile, on their first drive people knew that something was different about quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

cu6h0wuxgaitgg_9 plays, four first downs and 53 yards later and Miami had the first lead of the game.

From that moment the floodgates opened up, and this game had upset written all over it. It started with the arms of Tannehill and it wasn’t a mirage either. Tannehill looked crisp in the beginning of the contest. By halftime, Miami had a 16-8 lead and they were receiving the football to start the third.

Buy Alprazolam For Dogs The biggest reason why the Dolphins were so sharp this game is because of the running game. Running back Jay Ajayi had the best game in his NFL career. Ajayi rushed for 204 yards and two touchdowns.

Buy Alprazolam From India In addition, it was the first time he went over 100 yards in his career.

In fact, it was the last 200-yard rushing performance since former running back Reggie Bush, now of the Buffalo Bills. Bush did that against ironically enough, Buffalo on December 18, 2011. It was the fourth in franchise history. Ajayi now finds himself on a list with not only Bush, but Ricky Williams and Lamar Smith.

Xanax Buy Online India “I feel like as the game kept going along, the O-line kept opening creases and we kind of knew that we would have a good game,” Ajayi said. “I knew I was at 140 [yards]. That’s kind of when the guys were like, ‘Try to get 200.” Due to the fact that Ajayi was able to run the football for consistent yardage, it helped keep the football out of Tannehill’s hands. Therefore, the Dolphins offense didn’t become stagnant and predictable. Ajayi also helped maintain the football for the offense which kept the defense fresh. Another reason why the defense only allowed 15 points.

Moving forward, the Dolphins will have to play against the Buffalo Bills at home. The Bills and the defensive unit that their head coach Rex Ryan puts on the field may cause Miami a lot of problems.

However, for Miami, next game will be a true test. In the AFC East standings, Miami could still turn their season around. The Bills is an AFC East game and they need to win this to start catching up.

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