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Miami Gardens murder suspect arrested, residents remain silent

Reginald Louis

Reginald Louis

Miami Gardens murder suspect arrested, residents remain silent


By Derek Joy

     The neighborhood scene of the crime was in shock and disbelief just as the entire city of Miami Gardens rocked from the real life tail of horror.

That was July 16th, in the New Liberty City area of Miami Gardens, near County Line Road – 3400 block of Northwest 207 Street.  Annette Anderson, a 70-year-old retired minister, and her grandson, 20 year old Tyrone Walker, Jr., were found dead.

Miami Gardens Police arrested a suspect last week in Opa locka. Reginald Louis Jack-son, 28, was arrested on a probation violation. A possible accomplice is currently being sought by police. He was video-taped using Anderson’s debit card shortly after she was last seen at home.

Anderson and Walker, Jr., a college student, who several months earlier returned to South Florida, were found bound, gagged and executed gangland style. The crime scene according to the Miami Gardens Police showed evidence that the pair had been tortured.

One long time neighbor and friend of Anderson spoke only on condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation, which seems the constant in this quiet neighborhood.

“I don’t know if people feel any safer, any more secure with that arrest. People don’t want to comment,” she said, adding that at least one neighbor is planning to move out of fear.

Jackson, a career criminal with a lengthy arrest record, was released from prison last December. He claimed to live with his mother and listed his address as the house across the street from Anderson, who owns the property and had it on rent.

That Anderson and her grandson could suffer such a horrendous fate defies logic. She was widely recognized as a warm, caring, kindhearted and faithful servant of God.


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