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Miami and our U. S. Government let us all get real

Miami and our U. S. Government let us all get real

The reality is about Haiti. When Haiti had the enormous destructive earthquake and billions of dollars were collected and donated to Haiti from the Clinton Foundation Organization the Haitian country should be rebuilt by now, but it is not. Where did that money go? Did the Haitian Government seize the funds without supporting the Haitian people?  Why hasn’t the Clinton Foundation organization questioned what could have happened to their Foundation donated funds and other donations from other organizations to Haiti to help rebuild Haiti?  Tell me, if the Hatians who came to Miami to survive afterwards temporarily, what would happen to them in a year and a half if they are sent back?  The country of Haiti still does not have any financial support, work, no housing, and food to maintain the lives of the Haitians who are already there, not to mention the 60,000 Miami is planning to send back by 2019? Many of them have settled in Miami and are now working and paying taxes too. Our Government has always been able to come to a compromise in order to move forward and not make a situation worse for people than it already is. Why is this issue not being addressed as it is necessary? If and when Miami sends them back to nothing in Haiti to go back to, how would they be able to begin the process to try to come back legally with nothing? Let’s get real Miami and the United States Government.


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