Mid-Term Elections – Inclusivity v. Exclusivity

John Johnson

 By John Johnson II

America’s voters aren’t naive nor stupid. However, an overwhelming number of white voters are racist to their core; thus, knowingly they’re loyal to the Republican Party that attempted to overthrow our government. The upcoming mid-term elections are about whether voters will cast their ballots for democratic candidates who  embrace policies of “inclusivity. Or embrace Republican candidates who tout policies“  of exclusivity.” Their policies are meant to deny equal  opportunities and resources to non-members of their base, especially immigrants and Black people.

The once famous mantra, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” no longer rings true. This sudden repudiation has emerged due to a shift from European demographics to Latin America from which the new  immigrants  now flow.

The new immigrants surely fit the welcoming mantra. They’re  poor, tired, in search of jobs, and freedom. Yet  Republicans indoctrinated with beliefs of exclusivity demonize them as a threat to their reigning white supremacy dominance.

Trump, who can do no wrong, and thinks he’s  above the law merely thumbs his nose. He used    strategies to denigrate immigrants just as Hitler did to  Jews before incinerating them. Trump, facing  no resistance,  snatched immigrant children from their mothers’ arms and scattered them throughout the states without a method of tracking their placement. White supremacists admired him for his tough cruel and inhumane behavior  towards immigrants.

White supremacists’ racism, zest for exclusivity, and intolerance  threatens not only  our democracy. They’re threatening our agricultural and industrial   dominance, as well as our abilities to address our tremendous labor shortages. Republicans continue to rub their lamp of lunacy hoping to unleash mid-term election mayhem if their candidates lose.

Now, Republicans have dusted off this same “exclusivity” ideology and reinforced it with stinging Jim Crow rhetoric of racism, targeting Critical Race Theory and the LGBTIQ Community. The governor of Florida passed laws called, ”Don’t Say Gay,” and the “Stop Woke Act.” Teachers could lose their jobs if they make references to students’ sexual orientation or discuss past actions of their race that may make them cry.

It looks like  nothing about the 45th president of the United States or the January 6, 2020, insurrection is teachable. This information would not only make  white students cry but  likely decry being a member of their race.

If it’s not the idea  of  inclusivity that drives  Republicans and their white supremacists crazy, it’s  the audacity of  Democrats to pass legislations to lower the costs of medicine, pass the inflation Reduction Act, Improve health care for veterans, sign The CHIP AND Science Act, pass the Infrastructure legislation, and add a Black woman to the Supreme Court. Imagine, if President Biden had any support from Republicans, he could’ve accomplished much more for everyone.

Instead of attempting to overthrow the government, white supremacists should vote out of  office those Republican Congresspersons who have betrayed them for years. At this very moment (2022), there’s  a combined post COVID pandemic crisis of 75 to 95 million people  living in poverty and over half a million experiencing homelessness. The actual  number of white people comprising these groups exceeds that of minorities.

Unbelievably, Republicans support  policies to punish Black people even if they harm members of their base. They’re continually targeting Medicaid and Social Security for massive reductions. Someone needs to remind  Senator Rubio and Merial immigrants that the social programs that lifted them out of poverty weren’t their  hated brand of Socialism.

Due to Republican Senators such as McConnel’s and McCarty’s   lust for power,  white supremacists’ insatiable  appetite for racisms, and their combined moronic thirst for exclusivity, our democracy is facing a perilous future. Democracy ‘s demise can only occur if its defenders fail to defend it more vigorously than the domestic terrorists.

Despite enslaved  for 246 years,  Black people have never attempted to overthrow this government. History has failed to accurately report that Black slaves rebelled gallantly to overthrow their evil  white oppressors and gain freedom. This time, motivated Black people and angry white  women will stand shoulder together against 21st Century Republican oppressors. They’ve agitated the  wrong combination of voters!

White people have been free in America all their lives. They’ve enjoyed white  privileges reserved for Kings and Queens. The scales of justice remain skewed in their favor. Recent trials for insurrectionists bear witness to this fact. Nevertheless,   twice they’ve attempted to overthrow this government; once to maintain slavery and the second time to keep a corrupt former president in Office.

Straight forward, Republicans’ ongoing objective is to create a government lacking inclusivity of its diverse society and dominated exclusively by white supremacists. Regrettably, the Supreme Court already  governs as  a “kangaroo Court.”

America is facing a historical politically  dilemma  during the 21st Century. Should,  its 45th former president, Donald J. Trump be issued a formal accusation (indictment) charging him with  having committed multiple crimes against his own government or allow him to defy the “rule of Law?”  Rather,  if he’s indicted, tried, and found guilty by a jury of his peers, it will resoundingly DEMONSTRATE that  in America, no One is Above the Rule of Law!”   And inclusivity  will PREVAIL over  exclusivity.



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