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Mitch Ceasar, Broward Democratic Chair, files for Clerk of Courts

mitch_cesearMitch Ceasar, Broward Democratic Chair, files for Clerk of Courts

      FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — After over 40 years of community activism and almost 19 years proudly leading Broward’s Democrats, this morning Mitch Ceasar opened his campaign for Broward County Clerk of Courts.

“I am proud of the Democratic Party in Broward County that has accumulated an impressive list of accomplishments while I have been Chair thanks to the hard work of literally thousands of motivated volunteers on behalf of Democratic candidates and Democratic values,” stated  Ceasar.

Ceasar continued, “Over time, I have become convinced that for Democrats to be successful, they must have a renewed commitment to community and gather as many neighborhoods, distinctive in identity, but united in the common goal of a better Broward. It means that good Democrats can no longer be complacent, but must take individual and relevant action to make their community better.”

As a practicing attorney since 1980, Mitch Ceasar has handled both civil and criminal cases. Periodically, he has also been asked to advocate for public needs on behalf of cities.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Mitch Ceasar, Democrat, for Broward County Clerk of Courts.

Caesar’s professional career and experience as Democratic Chair has uniquely prepared him to qualify for the position of Clerk of Courts in Broward County. Before making a decision to become a candidate, Caesar spoke with some of Florida’s County Court Clerks to more fully understand the challenges facing Broward’s Clerk’s office.

“My strong relationships with our elected Judges, working legal community, and Broward’s many communities has provided me with valuable insight on both the demands and the potential of and for our county’s Clerk of Courts office.

“I am excited to begin my campaign for Broward Clerk of Courts because I know that by working together we can make Broward and the Clerk’s office a national showcase.” —Mitch Ceasar

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