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Mom swings bat at Black kids, says “I’ll hang your family from my tree”

MOM-SWING-BATMom swings bat at Black kids, says “I’ll hang your family from my tree”

By Deborah Caldwell

While it is certainly true that the era of lynching Blacks in America is over, it is just as true that racist whites seem nostalgic for the years when they could hang Blacks from trees and walk away unpunished.

“There will never be a n—— SAE,” University of Oklahoma fraternity members chanted. “There will never be a n—– SAE/You can hang ’em from a tree, but it will never start with me/There will never be a n—– SAE.” And now a Florida woman is facing multiple charges for not only chasing Black kids with a bat, but telling them that she would “hang your family from my tree.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the woman who was shouting racial slurs and swinging a baseball bat at Black teens, 29-year-old Lisa Marie Elberson, is being defended by her husband.

A 16 year old confirmed that the woman chased him and his friends, then spat on him. The teen said there had been a verbal altercation between the woman’s husband and the teens earlier that day, and when they later passed by the couple’s home, the argument reignited. According to the teen, when he and his group began to walk away, Elberson allegedly went after them with a bat.

Video of the incident shows Elberson chasing the teens while shouting homophobic and racial slurs.

“I’ll hang your family from my tree,” she yells.

Elberson’s husband admits that his wife used the “N” word but still defended her actions. And the man says his wife took the bat from his son to prevent it from being used against the teens.

“So he wouldn’t hurt the boy, to make sure that everything was safe, and that all that was going on was to talk,” he argued. “He really doesn’t have nothing on her. He don’t have nothing. All he has is my wife yelling at him. And that’s all she did.”

Elberson was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse and simple battery.


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