My contention about politics and morality in America

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

My contention about politics and morality in America

 By Dr. P. L. Wright Ph.D.

I am African American, and I was born in Overtown, and grew up in Liberty City Miami, Florida over 70 years ago. I have noticed the difference in how things use to be in many aspects of life in Miami and the way they have changed today. Blacks once had their own successful businesses and comfortable and affordable homes. According to our politics.

Starting with our city, county, state, and government functions and immigration policies, things are digressing back to the past and even worse. We now have overcrowding in housing, the need for better education, and more and often food distributions, and schools overcrowding, and traffic problems, too. We once had a balanced representation of white, and some Black commissioners along with a few Hispanics running our city and its’ functions. Now there is only 6 percent of 100 percent Black commissioners in Miami-Dade County representing the Black communities.

Blacks are in the poorest economic ratio, especially in Miami and other cities in Florida, as well as around the country. Is that not similar to the young radical Islamics mirroring some of the young Blacks in America who also feel there is no hope for them either? The young Islamics seem not to have hope or anything to live for, so it seems easy for them to kill themselves and strangers too.

There are also so many new types of corruption and fraud in many of the aspects of the business to run our city of Miami being perpetrated. There are also two and a half times more Hispanics monopolizing the Political climate control of most of the city of Miami jobs and other professional positions and its’ functions. Is Miami-Dade County being invaded by Hispanics after Blacks and the Native Americans were the energizing forces who built many of the buildings in Miami-Dade County, Florida?

Not to mention starting currently with the exclusion ratio of the number of others who are not Hispanic on the police force, as well as our commission position seats, our Governor’s office, and our city and county mayors offices, too. They are all Hispanic. Sometimes our taxpayers money from the Black community is being diverted to other communities where it is not legal to do, as well as some moneys targeted for specific projects never get there due to the fraud and financial corruption taking place by those in charge of key positions. They are the executors who create and administer our laws, and many of them who administer those same laws have no consideration to hire or accept licensed Black contractors who have their own businesses and need the work to take care of their families.

Miami-Dade has never had so much corruption that is being directly facilitated to exclude qualified Blacks. Blacks are being avoided from the entire system of key positions. The city justice department is avoiding any type of accountability to find, charge and convict those who are committing these crimes.

In our courts of jurisprudence, they have also shown areas of corruption and fraud too by ignoring or giving a pat on the back to some of those who should be charged and convicted for committing crimes. Our law enforcers and criminal court system are not showing any attempts to find and convict those who may be criminals of corruption. I wonder if this was purposely facilitated by Castro during the Boat Lift to Miami-Dade County Florida to create this dilemma.

Why is America allowing so many immigrants to flood our city, and our country without any absolute proof of their identity? The entry of any new immigrants should have to show more than one legal document as their identity proof, and that should be the law. Has Miami and other American cities legally permitted more immigrants than it can sustain financially? Many of them are already at retirement age and are disabled in some form or another as some elderly Americans who have had to work for 50-70 years before their retirement. The fact makes them eligible for taxpayers social security, SSI which is considered welfare that they are collecting currently from the current American tax payers. They are also the recipients of many other taxpayer benefits such as food stamps, even if they have not worked the number of years as the many other residents in the United States have had to do before they retire and made eligible for the same benefits as social security and SSI. It is not fair to the natural born American citizens.

The United States must modify and in some way change our immigration policies and our registered voting system of procedures that are already in place. We should also change the amount of money that each candidate can have available to him or her during the voting year term of campaigning. We should make it possible for each candidate to have equal footing in all aspects to conduct their campaign properly as all other candidates. Each of them should also have equal radio and television promotion time established. It should promote who they are and their background that expresses their qualifications for the position seat they are campaigning for.

Politics is what governs how we manage our cities, states, and our citizens who must have the benefits of being taking care of by our government accepting their taxes that are deducted from each of their employment checks during and at each calendar year. We supply the government with the money that is to be used to assist us with running our city, state and country. Maybe that is one of the reasons that radical Islamics have no hope and are willing to die for their ideology beliefs from their political corruption in their own government. This could possibly be a similar comparison to America’s own temporary dis-functional government.

The American department of justice has stated they have statistical facts that Blacks have the highest ratio of crime than any other group in America. My belief is the Blacks are being discriminated against with economics through jobs hiring, housing, and other opportunities not made available to them as to others. What adds to these dilemmas is the language barrier when it is time to vote and many Hispanics do not understand or speak English proficiently to know who would be the best candidate to serve all of the people, and not just their own community group.

All over the world, we must remember to accept each individual without discrimination, bigotry, racism, or any grouping of a race, color, creed, ethnic group, or sexual orientation. These are some of the American ideologies and beliefs in America. Each person is an individual and should be treated with respect and individuality as such, at all times, or our system of government may not function as it can, or should. Any and all immigrants who enter another country and city should accept the fact that they must assimilate themselves to the new culture as not to insult, change, or monopolize the new country to mirror the country and culture where they left behind. They should also be mindful and sure to hire employees in their public businesses who speak their language and that of the new country they have immigrated to. That makes it all a fair transition and assimilation to their new country and language.

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