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National Association of Black Social workers joins boycott against the State of Florida

Joe-E.-BentonNational Association of Black Social workers joins boycott against the State of Florida

By Kulture Kritic

     Recently, Dr. Ron Daniels and the Institute of the Black World 21st Century, launched a boycott against the state of Florida to support the family of Trayvon Martin. The boycott was in protest of the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman, who has been accused of stalking Martin and killing him because he was Black.

The group is asking that all of those who support Martin stop purchasing Florida orange juice and stop engaging in any form of tourism in the state, including golf tournaments, amusement parks or vacations.

The National Association of Black Social Workers has joined the boycott and has written this open letter below:


Brother Dr. Ron and Baba Leonard,

    Thank you, for seeking us out, as well as other individuals and organizations, in assisting with the boycott of the State of Florida. After conferring with my Executive Committee regarding the boycott, it was a unanimous affirmative vote for the National Association of Black Social Workers to join and assist in any way possible.

    We feel by doing this, a loud and clear message will be heard not only in Florida but other states having such laws to take heed to repeal, modify or adjust laws on their books, which when administered poorly, have negative effects upon Black boys and men. A poorly written law, administered poorly opens the door for racists’ interpretations and shields those with evil intent from doing what is right and just. In the case of George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin was improperly put on trial. It is the duty of the lawyers and the judge to administer the law and the duty of the jury to administer justice, not to interpret the law. Otherwise, there is no need for a jury. On a continuous basis, jurors in Florida, state that they voted against their conscience because of the law or made decisions based upon the law giving them no room to make decisions. That system is flawed and needs more than the precursory review provided by the Governor and his lackeys.

    Regardless, NABSW stands ready to work for the good and protection of our community and stand with you, as we go forward with this and other actions to make Florida a state where Black men, women and children can feel safe walking the streets.


Harambee (Let us all pull together)

Joe E. Benton

National President


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