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Native-born South Floridian invents Purse Props

Native-born-South-FloridianNative-born South Floridian invents Purse Props

By Staff writer

How many times have we been in church and heard the ushers direct women, “Ladies, move your purses from the seats so our parishioners can sit down?”

What are women supposed to do with their purses? What do women do with their handbags when attending church service, sporting events, conferences or other events?  Surely they’re not expected to put their handbags on the floor! What about the germs?! Not to mention, some people believe that it is bad luck!  South Florida’s very own Leslie J. Dorsett recognized this problem and set out to create a solution. She did just that with her ingenious invention, Purse Props!  Purse Props looks like a wallet, but opens to form a stand that keeps women’s purses propped off the floor (Patent Pending).

Dorsett didn’t start out to be an inventor. Born and reared in Hollywood, Fla. in a large family she is the sixth child of seven siblings, both her parents are deceased.

Leslie graduated from Hallandale High School, then attended Bethune-Cookman University where she became a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication Education.

She married her high school sweetheart, Bernard Dorsett, who also comes from a large family; they have been married for 23 years. “I feel quite blessed to not only have been born into a wonderful, supportive family, but I also married into a wonderful, supportive family.”

Shortly thereafter, Leslie Johnson Dorsett gave birth to two children, earned a Master’s degree from St. Thomas University, completed the Educational Leadership Certification program at Nova Southeastern University, and went on to receive a certification in Marriage and Family Counseling. If that’s not enough, Dorsett has a National Board Certification in School Counseling, and has written and published a novel (Flesh is Flesh…No matter whose Bone’s It’s On).

It appears that Leslie has to keep busy. She has worked for the School Board of Broward County for over 27 years as a school counselor.  Understanding that life is not always easy, has not deterred Leslie from continuing her goal of having a successful business. She has overcome devastation in life be-fore.

“A year ago this month, my bonus son passed away from a fatal seizure.  It was a very difficult time for our family.” For now, however, all of Dorsett’s attention is focused on her new baby, her invention, Purse Props.  (

When asked what inspired her, Dorsett states, “I give all credit to God for entrusting me with this vision.”

Dorsett goes on to share, while attending an event for her daughter, she couldn’t find any place to put her purse. She saw that other women faced the same dilemma: where does the purse go?

“The purse is an essential part of any woman’s ensemble—It’s part accessory, part fashion statement, part survival kit,” stated Dorsett.

Through research, Dorsett discovered the bottom of a woman’s purse carries more germs than a bathroom toilet! Dorsett realized something was needed that protects handbags from germs, so it was time to go into action.

She and her husband Bernard went to work coming up with various designs. “Each time, I shook my head and told Bernard, ‘No. That’s not it.’ Then one day this tiny voice inside lead me to the design that would become Purse Props – a wallet that opens to a stand! The bottom of the prop folds twice so it never contaminates the inside of the purse! How ingenious!” Dorsett smiles, “That’s why I say, ‘This is bigger than me. This is a gift from God.’”

The gift of Purse Props can be shared all across America this holiday season. Purse Props are available for Pre-Sale online ( and will be shipped by mid-December. Dorsett is set on educating women around the world and recommends women not set their handbags nor their baby’s diaper bags on the floor.

“The floor is never an option for me,” declares Dorsett. It’s not an option for most other women either; and now, thanks to Purse Props, there’s a solution for every woman who needs a place to prop her purse.

Through November, Dorsett is running a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter. For $20 a Purse Props can be yours, or get two for $36.   She encourages readers to purchase by clicking “Back This Project.”

When ask what she does in her spare time, if she has any she said, “I enjoy reading, writing and solving problems.”

The Dorsett’s are faithful members of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Miami Gardens.

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