New cell phone is a life saver

New-cell-phoneNew cell phone is a life saver

      TALLAHASSEE, FL — It’s a parent’s dream, a cell phone that will not distract the driver or allow the driver to text while driving. The Figgers X1 called the “Life Saver” is a unique cellular phone with a built-in feature that prevents texting or the receipt of text messages when the car exceeds 10 miles per hour. Florida and other states have passed laws that prohibit texting while driving, but summer continues to be the deadliest time on the road for teens. The inventor of the Figgers X1 Freddie Figgers says, “All the laws in the world can’t change behavior.  But the Figgers X1 can.”

Figgers is a 25-year-old technology wiz who is also the youngest American to hold a FCC License Spectrum, making him a Telecom carrier like all the major brands. “Americans love brands. But we provide a better phone, better accessories, greater band width, a phone that is practical, personal and a life saver for half the price of major brands. We cut out the middle man, and still guarantee a quality product.”

The Figgers X1 anti-texting mechanism sends the caller a message saying, “I’m driving.” Drivers can retrieve their text and voice messages when the vehicle stops.

Figgers’ genius came to light as a nine year old when he repaired a broken computer his father purchased at Goodwill. At 13, the Quincy, Fla. native became a celebrity when he bEgan working for NetQuincy, repairing computers for the city and citizens of the small town. Since then, Figgers, an independent African American entrepreneur who has launched numerous technological innovations that are affordable, lifesaving, and a good way to improve our quality of life. Figgers’ website,, is loaded with patent pending products including Vitalwear, which remotely monitors the wearers’ vital signs and location in real time. Caregivers who want to more closely observe functioning loved ones can do so with Vitalwear.

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