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Ode to Michael Brown

Michael-BrownOde to Michael Brown

Dedication to Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown, Sr.

By Debra Allen

Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson

were unarmed and simply walking down

the street engaging in a little freedom of speech.


Michael and Dorian Johnson were in their

typical fashion and form

never once deviating from their youthful norm,

like any other Sat. morning they were

just getting their First Amendment on that’s when officer Wilson happened along and commanded that

Michael and Dorian get off the street.


Nothing in officer Wilson’s voice gave any indications

that he was there to meet and greet or keep the peace.


Michael a day and some hours from going to

college to further his knowledge.

Wise beyond his age but still very naïve &

certainly wasn’t up on all of our Why’s

Like why all of our Why’s must always be

kept clean and lean, like why all of our Why’s

Must never come off as being mean &

like none of our Why’s can’t display

any sign of muscle because we never

wanna give the authorities any reason to think

that we’re looking or asking for trouble.


A trip to the library won’t be necessary, why check

out a book you’ve already read?

Officer Darren Wilson, a six year police veteran,

shot an unarmed Michael Brown down.

For over four hours his body laid there on the

ground & it took the authorities some time,

But they finally came and took Michael off the street.

Then Chief Thomas Jackson delivered the

prepared brief that we’ve come to expect

From any chief of police.

In the morning nights & days the authorities in

Ferguson, MO Searched for ways to exit the stage.

The world was watching as they began

their rush to-brush up on their hush-hush

What we know for certain is that Rev. Al Shartpon already has his bags packed & he will be arriving in Ferguson, MO. Before the authorities can disassemble the facts.


They’ll be putting this one through

the wringer again because it’s

obvious – that this one is gonna Require a lot more spin.

Be advised that this time around we’ll be standing

our ground until Justice for Michael Brown is found.


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