On my way to dancing in the stars

Noeash-being-streched--fpOn my way to dancing in the stars

Dancing has not been a hobby, it has been a choice, a lifestyle for a young girl whose dream is on stage and theaters

By Maria C. Montanez

At the tender young age of 14, Noesha Noel, who attends Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale, had the opportunity to share her talents and learn from members of the recognized and prestigious school of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

All the way from New York City, Alvin Ailey dancers performed at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts from Feb. 19-22, 2015.

Dillard High School of the Preforming Arts opened their doors to members of the Alvin Ailey Academy, allowed students like Noesha the privilege and honor of being instructed by masters of the contemporary dance art, like Venard J. Gilmore.

Gilmore is an active choreographer for the Ailey Dancers Resource Fund and has choreographed for Fire Island Dance Festival and Jazz Foundation of America Gala; he also produced the Dance of Light Project in January 2010. Gilmore is a certified Zena Rommett Floor-   Barre® instructor. He continues to teach workshops and master classes around the world. Mr. Gilmore joined the Company in 1997.

“It’s all about giving these young dancers, an opportunity to see something different, to be pushed past their boundaries, and to allow themselves to dream,” says Gilmore.

‘Giving back is very important, because that’s how we exist, that’s how we become a culture,” Gilmore says.

How does a student become being the best? By working at it, continuously.

“Being in the company, you’re constantly working to stay in the company,” Gilmore says.

“You’re only hired for a year contract. There’s not a time when you ever actually feel like

you’ve arrived. You’re constantly working to achieve the perfection.”

“Noesha is one of the many dreamers this school has. As a freshman, she joined the dance group,” said instructor Luctricia Welters, who has been directing the group for this year.

At a short age, Noesha has already started building a path for her ultimate goal, to become a professional dancer.

It is a relief knowing there are still kids with huge aspirations and goals. Kids that despite the distractions, know what they want in life.

When I met Noesha for the first time, without knowing anything about her, I must say I was impressed by her concentration and dedication for the art. During her dance class session, she was receptive and willing to learn every instruction her mentor would tell her to do.

“It is not luck, it is not des-tiny, it is a choice she made at the age of five”, her mother stated. Her mother, Madline Noel took her at a young age to experience the art of dancing when she started at Encore Dance Theater at Sunrise, Florida.

In such a short time period, Noesha has committed herself to a lifestyle where there was no time allowed to be wasted.

Noesha believes in herself and her capacities as a dancer and dreams of going around the world to perform with her most powerful tool, her body and her connection with the music.

Ms. Welters has become a mentor for Noesha. Ms. Lu as her students call her describes Noesha as a person of dedication. “This future passionate dancer is so sure of what she wants to become once she finishes high school. She is dedicated, respectful, a wonderful talent, she has a beautiful spirit and she is an extremely hard-working student.”

Noesha wants to go to The American Musical and Drama-tic Academy (AMDA) located in New York City and Los Angeles, Calif.

After having the opportunity to dance with one of the members of the prestigious and recognized dance group Alvin Ailey, Noesha assured her love for contemporary and Jazz technique. “My strength is con-temporary dance,” said Noesha.

As a class session, not only Noesha but the entire class was able to learn some techniques taught by the Alvin Ailey academy.

Asked her about who in-spires her, she responded with-out hesitation Ms. Lu is one truly motivation for her.  Noesha and Ms. Lu have built an incredible connection. A mentor-disciple relationship that has grown throughout this year and in which Ms. Lu assures will continue growing as she sees Noesha’s well progress in her dance career. “Humble, receptive, and charm girl, Noesha is a great example of this young generation who wants to leave a mark in this world.”

Not only, she has succeed already on her dance career, but also at school, her grades are all As. This perfect combination will take Noesha Noel far.

The Westside Gazette wishes the best for this girl who just started living but that has already left so many marks on people.

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