Letter to the Editor


By Jake Pickering

 As a widely published Generation X writer, After 4 years of Trump, allow me to say:

The Vietnam Syndrome finally ends today.

We love our Boomer parents, but it’s 2021.

Your hippy dippy B.S. no longer belongs.

Pacificism is a trap! Stop preaching crap.

Pacification is what is called for in the U.S.

To Hell with moral superiority: “Be Best…”

What we need are warriors, not weaklings!

Far-Left pacifists are Russian playthings.

Gandhi was a wife beater. Don’t you know?

If you prefer India, then catch a plane & go.

But the rest of us here, we won’t go away.

If necessary, we’ll deep-six fascists all day!

Neo-Nazis must die for America to survive.

Pretend it’s 1944. Private Ryan has arrived.




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