Paralled War Zones: George Floyd’s murder touches all of U

Part 2 of a 3 Part Series

By Reality Check

This is a three-part story that comes from an inmate who is incarcerated in the Florida State Prison System. His name has been changed to protect him from any negative repercussions. There are also graphic details of everyday prison life; therefore, please be warn if you are sensitive to details do not read it.

What you are looking at on that video is what happens when racist ideology is given a badge and a bulletproof alibi to carry out oppression. You are looking at the fruits of politicalized policing and domestic terrorism. You are looking at right wing extremism in the uniform. You are looking at racially motivated violent extremist acting as a strategically unleashed death squad. You are looking at the elitism birth from a mindset rooted in the ideologies of imperialism cloaked under the badge and garment of a democratic socialist construct. What you are looking at is epidemics in its highest form, that being transgenerational thought and behavior patterns of racial oppression, operating with the strategic intent to trigger and deliver in overt and covert dose of, “stay in your place Negro” frequency of thought into a community.

Equally as important is you being clear about what you are not looking at. What you are not looking at is what attorney general Barr claimed the morning of June 7th, 2020 on Meet the Press, where he stated that the video shows an officer who is, “one bad apple”, on an otherwise functional law enforcement mechanism.

Be careful people, an idea is the most resistant parasite. Do not let the parasite paradigm of the thought of this being “one bad apple” cop issue enters your head. No this is a systematic issue. That is the first shot fired in the war to deny the need for a systematic deconstruction and reconstruction nationally of the country’s law enforcement construct.

Trance generational thought patterns is a phrase from the science of epigenetic which says our generation can pass on its thought patterns to another generation, which passes it on to another.

Within the context of the law enforcement construct. This paradigm manifests its truth in the academics, where these officers are trained and in the orientation and mentoring process use to transition them into the law enforcement workforce officially.

The dysfunctions you are witnessing in the law enforcement culture out there, reflects the way the prison systems operate.

These are parallel war zones!

The systemic malfunctions are also a parallel truth. Let me share with you just one of many observations which support, validate and illuminate this as a systemic issue. Derek Chauvin in the span of his career, he is had almost 20 complaints. The nature of these complaints questions his moral fiber, his professional integrity, and his mental stability.

Now his sheriff’s department will tell you that the power of the police unions makes it almost impossible to get rid of officers like Derek Chauvin with a litany of complaints against him in a questionable reputation among his peers. But there were two rookie officers under Derek Chauvin ‘s tutelage. These rookies who weren’t even on the job for a week were told by their superiors who were told by that police departments administrators, go out into the streets with Derek Chauvin, watch him do his job, he is your mentor, do what he does, he is the barometric barometer of what this department considers a professional, we are confident based on his track record, that if you emulate him, you will become the racist, hyper violent officer that this mentorship was structured to create. Then 18 years from now you will be qualified to train the next generation of Derek Chauvins. This kind of mentorship structure guarantees the perpetuation of a racist and maladaptive occupational culture.

Now, did the unions force the decision makers in that system to put two rookies in the hands of one officer with a history of racially motivated and hyper violent abuse towards citizens? The decision by those superiors proves this is a systemic issue.


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