Part 1 on The Rainbow Movement!    

He Said – She Said

Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

By Nicole Nutting and Don Valentine   

     He Said: What is happening to the world Nicole? Please explain in simple words my befuddled small brain can grasp. The question I routinely get from my straight & faith-based community is, “Why would anyone choose to be gay?”

She Said: Gee Don, did you “choose” to be straight? Did you “choose” to be Black? Would anyone CHOOSE to be a pariah? Does being figuratively (or sometimes literally) tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail seem like a sensible choice?

Do you really think gay people are purposely doing this just to make you uncomfortable? Give me a break! Our maker built every one of us to His specifications, not our own. We all have to play the hand we’re dealt.

He Said: Okay, but if your preference isn’t a voluntary choice, why do you have to flaunt it in public displays of affection?

Don, are you casting the first stone? What makes you think WE want to watch straight people groping each other in public?! Is it only improper when we do it?

The best way to teach good behavior is to model good behavior. Go ahead…we’ll wait!

He said: I’m not a fan of P.D.A. at all. Like the man said all things in moderation. Next week let’s discuss the need for special protective rights for the L.G.B.T.Q.B. community. Black, Brown or Asian people can’t blend back into the mainstream anytime we want. The Rainbow community can do it. Just change clothes and be accepted in Corporate America. All in the blink of an eye! I wonder with that luxury if you need protective civil rights prior to the other communities?


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