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Passing time reflects the politics of political history

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Passing time reflects the politics of political history

By Derek Joy

Yep! You know it!!  Black History Month draws to a close!!!

And not without some underhanded slaps in the faces off people of color. Did it in a hateful way. Dirty politics and all.

Sure, there was the look at the seamy side of politics. Backhanded. Underhanded. Down right deception.  Capitalism in the literal and figurative sense employed by politicians and political hopefuls.

It is as if Republicans decided to capitalize on the publicity of Black History Month. Too farfetched to be a coincidence. President Barack Obama riding the wave of Black History Month.

America’s first Black American President was in his seventh Black History Month of his Administration. Former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani, among other Republicans, took aim at Obama. Launched political salvos.

Talked about him in many ways. Even questioned whether President Obama is really a Christian. Guiliani went further when he responded to the question of whether he is a racist against Obama by saying:  “I can’t be racist against Obama because his mother is white.”

Precisely the comments that produce media attention. Public attention follows. So does dialogue across the spectrum. Racism and discrimination. The devil and politics busy building a foundation for campaigns.

Enter former Republican National Committee Chairman Haley Barbour. Made the news circuit – print and broadcast.

Selling their intent to campaign against Obama’s policy, setting Republicans claim are better for America.

What none are really saying is how their policies are different, how they will be better than policies set under the Obama Administration.

Nor are they talking about Republicans quickly exhausted the significant budget surplus left by President Bill Clinton. They don’t guarantee their policies will prevent another ENRON collapse, or another economic collapse severe enough to put America at the brink economic disaster.

It’s a real tragedy that American voters somehow always manage to ignore outright deception.  And that’s real tragic.

Another tragedy was the recent death Community Activist Georgia Jones Ayers at age 86. She more than an activist. Jones Ayers was like a mother of many Black American kids.

She waged a constant battle, especially for Black Americans in trouble with the law.  Her worked embraced judges and State Attorneys. Helped create a pre-trial intervention program that helped many people.

That program helped save countless people from incarceration. Provided a model for the Drug Court, reduced judicial caseload for judges, the State Attorney and Public Defender.

Her death came in Black History Month. Sadly, it took this tragic loss to trump the tragic subtle use of racism and discrimination by Republicans to stir the interests of their supporters.


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