Passion into action: Succeeding by helping others succeed

Helping Others Succeed
Helping Others Succeed
Helping Others Succeed

Xanax Buy Uk Passion into action: Succeeding by helping others succeed

By John Turner (Professor JT)

4da6bdbe316c201fbf33fa2ebf0face4 There are a lot of people trying to get their name and face out there when it comes to promoting themselves, their resources, and their brand. They contact all the big names and connections that they know to try to get their message and information out there so that they can help others and make some great profits. It’s all about the Hustle when it comes to putting yourself out there to becoming successful, famous, and in the minds and hearts of the people of the World. The Problem that comes with this is people always want someone to help them out in promoting their brands, but are really hesitant when it comes to helping others out in promoting their businesses and brands. People will want you to promote their new book, their new music, their next big thing, but you hand them something that you are trying to promote and it either sits in their email inbox, on their dining room table, or in the back seat of their car. That information, book, business card or flyer will sit there with no one else learning about it or hearing about the great service that needs to be put out there for others to learn about. We have to realize that sometimes the best way to be supported in our brands is to be a support to someone else’s brands.

Buy Alprazolam Canada At times, you have to give a little to get a little. You want people to promote your book, your blog, your podcast, your webcast, and then you need to be willing to do some promoting for someone else. If you want your book peer reviewed, then you have to be willing to do some reading and peer review someone else’s book. You have events in your city or around the country that you are trying to promote, and then you have to be willing to take time out of your busy schedule and support someone else’s event as well. It’s not about what we know at times but who we know. How many of us know those people who are always looking for the “Hookup?”  But then when someone asks them for a “Hookup”, they are either too busy, all of a sudden doesn’t know anyone, or doesn’t want to bother people about what you are trying to put out there. Give people some support when it comes to them trying to put what they are trying to do out there to the world. A great quote that I live by is, “While you are working your way up, turn around and pull someone else up with you.” We will never make it to the places that we want to go by ourselves, so we never should be so rude or arrogant where we cannot help someone else make it towards the dreams in their lives. If they are respectable and hardworking people, HOOK THEM UP WITH A HOOK UP! Listen to someone else’s podcast, promote someone else’s blogs or articles on Social Media sites, do a review on someone’s book or article. The least that we can do is just tell someone that you appreciate the work they are doing! That means so much to someone who is out there, working hard, and trying to bring their gifts to the world. Kind words of support give help to people continue to work hard because we all have been to a point of wanting to give up. Let us all do better in supporting one another and push each other out there to be better and greater than they ever could have imagined. Let us all show each other love in our ventures and dreams and support each other all that we can as we all work hard to put our PASSIONS INTO ACTION!

© 2013, John C. Turner. All rights reserved.


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