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Pastor’s book leads readers back to God

Pastor Marc E. Royster, Sr.

Pastor’s book leads readers back to God

By Malika A. Wright From The Miami Times

 Royster’s “Says Who”? targets misled believers

     Eve, Sampson, Esau and Jacob all had life-altering experiences because they were deceived. And the overflowing list of others who were misled goes on and on.

    In many biblical verses, believers are cautioned to be aware of deception.

    1 John 4: 1 tells believers to “not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

    This is one of the many messages of Says Who?: God Still Speaks But Who Is Speaking to You, a book that was released by Pastor Marc E. Royster, Sr., senior pastor of Harvest for Christ Church.

    “I tell people don’t get caught up in the charisma, the fine words and the attractiveness of the person,” he said. “Don’t get caught up in that because it can be very deceptive.”

    Royster said he was inspired to write the book after visiting several churches and witnessing “gimmicks,” “theatrics” and a lot of activities that are done as just a “money grab.”

    In response to those experiences, Royster said the book was written to those who once had a beautiful relationship with God, but somehow lost their way because of being mis-led or confused. The goal of the book is to inspire those readers to come back to God so that He can fulfill His purpose in them.

    In the book, Royster tells readers to really listen to what the person is saying and not get caught up in what they see.

    “Words are powerful,” he said. “Death and life lies in the power of the tongue.”

Pastoring around the globe

    Royster has pastored for about eight years in all. He retired as a chief warrant officer of the U.S. Army. Serving in the military has allowed him to develop ministries domestically and abroad, in places, such as: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, North Carolina, Georgia and others.

    He said the church’s mission is to preach the Gospel message.

    Presently, his church, which he has pastored for about four years, is focusing on being on one accord by training and developing church members before he does a serious launch into the community. Royster said he wants them to be prepared to serve others.

    As a pastor, he focuses on teaching what the scriptures mean.

He does a deep study and has a professorial approach, in which he goes back to the Greek and the Hebrew texts and presents the word in practical applications.

    “A church should be a teaching church,” Royster said. “It’s not just about hollering and screaming in a person’s ear: clap your hands, touch your neighbor, stomp your feet, turn around and run around the church two times.”



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