Pimping Democracy

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

Republicans have the audacity to engage in pimping democracy as though it’s a prostitute. Without shame or any semblance of integrity, they lie openly before Congress as well as the American public about Biden isn’t president, stolen election, vaccines don’t work, CDC officials are profiteers,  etc.  These same lies used to lure members of their base to their websites are meant to fleece them of their money.

Society’s pimps are notorious for using women as prostitutes to fleece unscrupulous men of their money in exchange for sex. Republicans have become the pimps and they’re turning democracy into their prostitute. Former president Trump attempted to use democracy  for criminal purposes as a pimp  used women for illicit purposes. He cleverly enriched himself by violating the Emoluments Clause. However, the Supreme Court ignored cases filed against him until voters removed him  from office.

Trump as the endowed leader of the Republican Party is now its chief pimp. His insatiable lust for debauchery drove him to become involved with prostitutes. Consequently, it isn’t any surprise  that he has attempted to pimp our democracy. If this isn’t  a crime, then inciting an insurrection was a patriotic grab and smash party.

Now,  at this very moment, Republicans are plotting to return Trump to the presidency. It’s as though the consequences of their evil deeds mean nothing. What has caused Republicans to behave as pimps? This form of criminality originates in the minds of degenerate individuals.

Republicans have not stopped  their assault on democracy. They’re  asserting state rights as they pass draconian voter suppression legislation. This tactic is a means of subjugating the voting  rights of Black people. Unfortunately, their radicalization is driving a wedge within our democracy reminiscent of the divide which led to the Civil War.

But is it not obvious that Republicans, who are primarily white people, embody elements of the old Confederate South, such as  racism, bigotry, white supremacy, and antidemocratic ideals? Nevertheless, Democrats should be as aware as was Lincoln that a radicalized people or political party represent a clear and present danger to democracy.

The  Republican Party has managed to strip its women of their love for humanity and Country. Also, they’re  attempting to shield themselves from prosecution, conviction, and removal from office by suppressing voters’ rights. Consequently, our democracy no longer is  merely in peril; rather, Republicans have successfully  pimped our democracy and turned it into a prostitute!

However, if America has a soul worth saving, where are the billionaires, evangelicals, Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, and  millennials? If these aforementioned  groups didn’t remain too occupied with praying, consuming, and making money, their voices could be effective at closing the political divide. Imagine, just ten Republicans along with fellow Democrats can rescue our  democracy. Are there no Republicans with any integrity? Or are they all just a bunch of pimps? YOU BE THE JUDGE!



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