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Playwright Kenike Miche and her Cindy’s Spirit

Kenike-MicheTHIS-ONEPlaywright Kenike Miche and her Cindy’s Spirit

From Staff Writer

Playwright Kenike Miche skipped into life rather quickly. Likened to the early educational timeline of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this young triple threat graduated from Farmingdale HS in Long Island at the tender age of 15, where Miss Miche, aka Denise Gibbs, continued to Pace University majoring in drama. Considering the challenges with aspiring actresses and her short term goals, Miss Miche pursued a major in psychology instead. After receiving her BA at 19, Kenike Miche went on to climb the rungs of the educational ladder until retirement as a former Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Now with leisure time in her hands, she is returning to her love, her passion – the performing arts.

She developed this love in drama class in high school which persisted as she studied drama in college.  As a teacher in Bedford Stuyvesant, she was known for her annual theatrical productions, which led to com-munity productions at various venues such as the Paul Robeson Theater of Fort Greene and Gods’ Battalion. Modeling, dancing, and acting in community shows seemed to be mere hobbies for Kenike Miche; however, it seems to be taking a new and serious direction in her life.

As Playwright and Co-executive Producer of Cindy’s Spirit, Kenike Miche is excited to bring messages of hope, love, salvation, and family recovery to the masses. Please support and embrace the vision that can change the world, one audience at a time!

Synopsis: Cindy’s Spirit is a theatrical production of the classic tale Cinderella, with a twist. Set in the 21st century, Cindy’s Spirit is a delightful production during which everyday characters are confronted with their fears, personal struggles, strongholds, family issues and unleashed dreams.  In an entertaining and comical manner, Cindy’s spirit over-comes the stepmother’s bullying and has a life changing effect on those who share the stage, as well as a powerful impact upon the audience. This comedy drama will, with a sense of freshness, uplift everyone.

Below is a short interview with Ms. Kenike Miche

Q: When did you get the idea to create Cindy’s Spirit?

KM: I’ve always loved drama. As a guidance counselor, in the early 90’s in the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant, I worked with a lot of children who experienced hardships in their families.  It was then that I began intervening in domestic violence situations and developed a passion for it. As a new Christian and an avid romantic I began to rewrite my favorite fairytale, Cinderella. It was first called Cindy Soul and performed by an all children cast.  It was my expression of sharing hope and love.

Q: Who is Cindy to you?

KM: Cindy represents a rose in the ghetto, mistreated children, adults, victims of bullying and domestic violence.

Q: When did you make the decision to pursue your Cindy’s Spirit?

KM:  From the moment I wrote Cindy Soul I had a burning desire to produce it. For years this play has been on my heart, particularly after the Lord gave me specific instructions on how to proceed with an adult cast. Therefore after retiring as a former Assistant Superintendent with over 32 years of experience in the school system I was able to devote more time to what evolved into Cindy’s Spirit from Cindy Soul.

Q: Where were you born and raised?

KM: I was born in the heart Bedford Stuyvesant with my parents.** In my tween years my family moved to Long Island. God kept me in the best of both worlds on weekends I visited my bar owning, entrepreneur father in Brooklyn. The rest of the time was spent in Long Island with my three siblings, mother and stepfather.

Q: What are some of Cindy’s challenges?

KM:  Cindy has three main challenges.

  1. After being raised in a loving Christian home by her mother and father, a series of unlikely events puts her under the rulership of “Napoleanita”. In other words, Cindy’s mother suddenly dies and her dad remarries someone who despises and mistreats her.
  2. She wants her father see that she is being mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters; however, she is afraid to expose her stepmother, Juanita.
  3. Cindy has to sneak to the christening of the church’s new hall, “the ball”.

Q: What are/were some of your challenges?

KM:  I’ve had  many challenges in my life, but I’ll name a few,

  1. Other than rare opportunities to act in school I was a shy introverted book worm. It took me a long time to recognize my own beauty; I am still awkward but it was more prevalent growing up.**
  2. My greatest challenge is being saved divorcee, single parent of two children for over twenty years.
  3. Through it all I’ve always had lofty goals visions and dreams , I’ve obtained many through furthering my education ; being promoted at work; purchasing property; starting businesses; and producing plays.  In other words human resources, monetary resources; and time are my feistiest struggles.

Q: When did you receive God in your life?

KM: There are two reasons why I accepted Christ, both occurring between 1984 and 1985.

  1. Although I could feel him calling me all through my childhood I was resistant. At times I was even an atheist, I thought peopled turned to God because they needed a crutch and that the world moved from polytheism to monotheism for mere convenience. However, while teaching in Bedford Stuyvesant and living rent free with my father, I experienced one of the wealthiest times of my life! I had money in the bank, checks under mattress and if I wanted it I got it. Whether it was from my father or myself. But inside I was empty and I realized it (like the proverbial Prince in Cindy’s Spirit). I began to question my existence: what is life all about?  Am I here just to work and pay bills?  Am I here to shop and hang out? I was yearning for God.
  2. Growing up, each night after all was said and done and everyone else was asleep I would sit at the kitchen table and reflect on my day and plan my life. I planned everything in my life except for my daughter she was my “Choyce”. She was my first born and she was ill, I loved her so much but did not know where to turn. In Speaking with my already saved sister, Mona Lisa, she urged to let God in and I did. It was 1985.

Q: What do you hope people will take from seeing Cindy’s Spirit?

KM: I hope that they will find laughter in the funny parts because I believe laughter is healing, refreshing, and bonding. I hope they’ll cringe at the meanness and cruelty, which is depiction of how mean and cruel people can truly be. And in the end I hope they’ll rejoice about the redemption and the happy ending. Though endings in life are not always happy, it is still indeed a fairytale -with a twist of course.

Q: What are future dates to see the play?

KM:  August 15, 2015 Brooklyn NY snippets from the play and October 3, 2015 Pompano Beach, FL

Q: Who are your inspirations?

KM:   Dr. A. R. Bernard CCC, my Pastor. As I have submitted to his ministry for approximately 30 years, I admire his wisdom, commitment to God, swagger and excellence in ministry. Tyler Perry- for two reasons He created a brilliant path from stage to DVD to film for playwrights with a Christian message to follow.

Cindy’s Spirit dares to do just that, with an even more direct message.


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