Political Opportunity

By Lucius Gantt

      Happy Holidays to all of us that survived a crazy 2016. The world was crazy, the country was crazy, our communities were crazy and so-called national and world leaders were acting pretty much insane!

But that’s not what I’m writing about this week. Most columnists will be parroting other columnists that opine about who lived, who died, who laughed, who cried, who promised and who lied!

Not The Gantt Report, we have opportunities that came as a result of what happened to us in 2018 so let’s talk about that.

If you think 2018 elections were important, the next big election will be far more crucial.

In 2020, a new U.S. Census will be taken and every state will use America’s Census results to reapportion political districts.

The good thing is both of America’s major political parties need your cooperation to accomplish their political goals.

The GOP knows if they win in 2020 and gerrymander the state and national political districts to put most Black voters in “Black districts”, white Republicans will defeat many white Democrats in predominately white race.

Democrats know if they can make a lot districts 25% or 30% Black (instead of 80% or 90%), Democrats will beat any Republican opponent by getting nearly all Black votes cast.

You and people like you will be the deciding factors in the upcoming very important elections.

Wake up! Democrats and Republicans are at work right now planning strategies, preparing and hiring staffs and raising and spending millions and millions of dollars to pay for 2020 victories.

In 2020 there will be more Black candidates, more women candidates and more progressive candidates. And, a new breed of political consultants will be needed to provide political services to the people seeking election to public office.

At least 20 Democrats will probably be running for President. Will they hire you or your company? Time will tell.

I know this. Right now The GOP is reaching out to Black businesses, vendors and political professionals. Maybe they want you on their team or perhaps they want to retain the most qualified Blacks to keep them from working for Democratic opponents.

Black businesses don’t care who their political clients and customers are, they mainly want to generate revenue to pay bills and hire Black employees.

Black business owners want to get paid!

The so-called blue wave with so many Democratic victories should also mean the hiring of more Black lobbyists in state and national government.

Point is, now is the time for qualified Blacks with historical political successes to get at that political dollar. Don’t listen to political Sambos and Jezebels that tell you to trust us, vote for who we tell you to, don’t worry about getting paid and shut up and dribble!

If there are Blacks that are qualified to be Presidents and Governors, there are Blacks qualified to work in decision making positions in state and federal governments and on state and national campaigns!

Even the dumbest President in history knows the 2020 race for political victory begins in 2019.

Be smart, be ready and get paid for your election help just like women, gays, Hispanics, conservatives and everybody else does!

Take advantage of your political strengths and opportunities!



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