Poll: Romney losing Latina women by 53 points

Emily Schultheis
Emily Schultheis

Poll: Romney losing Latina women by 53 points

By Emily Schultheis


On the day Mitt Romney is speaking to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, new numbers out from the polling firm Latino Decisions this morning show that his gender gap extends to Latina voters as well:

With seven weeks until the election Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s potential gender gap with women faces a new hurdle in the Latino community, as reported today by Pilar Marrero. According to the fourth week of the impreMedia/Latino Decisions tracking poll Latina voters plan to vote for President Obama by a margin of 74 percent to 21 percent for Romney – a 53 point gap. Among Latino men, 61 percent plan to vote for Obama and 32 percent for Romney. The September 17 polling data suggest the President continues to solidify his lead among Latinos, and there are no signs of cracks in the Obama coalition among Latino voters. Overall Obama holds 68 percent of the Latino vote to 26 percent for Romney, erasing the small bump Romney received in the September 3 (week 2) poll release following the RNC convention. [Full Week 4 results by gender here]

But it is among Latina voters that Romney and the Republican party fare the worst. The impreMedia/Latino Decisions tracking poll data show very clearly that Hispanic women are very opposed to Mitt Romney and the Republican party image right now. Romney’s favorability is 27 percent among Latino men and just 22 percent  among Latinas, while Republicans in Congress are seen favorably by 29 percent of men, but just 20 percent of women in the Latino community. Looking towards the vote it the U.S. House, 68 percent of Latinas say they will vote Democrat compared to 59 percent of Latino men.

Alex and I wrote a few weeks back about whether Republicans are in danger of losing the Latino vote for good — Romney has consistently been 30-plus points behind Obama among the demographic. These latest numbers suggest he hasn’t made any significant inroads, and even that he’s losing ground among Latino (and Latina) voters.

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