“Prejudice, we are not alone” 

Sue Walters
Sue Walters

He Said – She Said

“Prejudice, we are not alone” 

By Sue Walters and

Don Valentine

She Said: Don, you know I keep up with the news stateside and it is truly depressing to see how close our countries are related in racial degradation. That most recent incident at the Starbucks is particularly nauseating.  We all have some prejudice in our DNA but how we let this influence our daily lives is up to the individual.

The needs/ wants of Australians where I live or Americans, are the same employment, housing, education, food, freedom to practice religion, the right to be heard and most of all, be treated with respect.

Don Valentine

He Said: How bad is it these days in the land down under?  Do you typically hear some of the stories that people of the color in America experience.

She Said:  Australian news reports frequently on Caucasian police officers in the States shooting first and asking questions later and more often than not the person is Black. Then you read how they are not charged. We don’t read about Caucasians being shot by Black police officers. Do you even have black police officers?

He Said: You are too witty. Yes we do and I can’t speak for our allies down under.  Even those officers when out of uniform have to endure the additional scrutiny of whether they belong where they are or can be a responsible citizen.  Things have improved since my parents and grandparents time, but we still have progress to be made.

     She Said:  Have you heard about the Cronulla racial riots in Sydney in 2005 between Anglo/Saxon youths and Arab Australian youths primarily Lebanese.

These shocked the nation at the time but the undercurrent is still there.

     He Said:  All I can say Sue, the real original sin continues for the eons to replay itself.  God help us!


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