President Biden Not Deterred By Reverence of Bipartisanship

John Johnson II

By John Johnson

      The election of Joe Biden as America’s 46th President could be viewed as a rebirth of the people’s government and a redefining of democracy. Voters being aware of what is needed to undo all the harm done by the previous administration gave Democrats control of both the House and Senate. Consequently, for the first two years of his presidency, with or without Republicans’ support, President Biden can address many of America’s immediate problems.

President Biden, before his election, spoke reverently about how much he would reach across the isles to garner the support of Republicans. One of his favorite mantras is, “There is nothing we can’t achieve if we work together.” While this is true, as President, he can’t be stymied by the opposing Republican Party. It’s vital that he delivers on promises made to voters.

Failure to deliver is the surest way to lose control of the House and Senate. More importantly, the very people who sought and need help will suffer even more.

For example, President Biden and his administration have already calculated that 1.9 trillion dollars are needed to literally rescue people and the economy from the ravages of COVID-19. The Republicans say, “This is too much, but they’re willing to compromise on approximately $699 billion.”

This makes about as much sense as the Senate’s recent acquittal of Trump. Just as the President has done, a true leader should never concede to accept a bad compromise when he has the power to correct a wrong or to solve a problem. One should only compromise if the concession makes the solution better and more expansive.

Democrats can be assured that there will not be any obsession with bipartisanship. Past experiences, learned from Obama’s Presidency, revealed that Republicans’ goal is to prevent democracy from moving towards a more perfect Union. Remember, the knee that choked the life out of George Floyd is symbolic of America’s knees which have for centuries choked the life, hopes, and dreams out of countless Blacks.

President Biden’s job and reverence for bipartisanship will be challenged by the Republican’s Party continued embrace of Trump, their increased tolerance of white supremacy and their failure to honor their oath to the Constitution.

One must be mindful of the fact that there’s often something that can be learned from the worst opposition. Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher, long ago coined a phrase, “The medium is the message.” It holds true even more so to this day. Sadly, Trump used it to cultivate a cult of dangerous followers.

Former President George Washington eloquently stated, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” Therefore, President Biden, along with members of his administration, is encouraged to use all available mediums to communicate with the American people as well as our allies. They must continue to taut the Nation’s progress, remain truthful about any setbacks, and not hesitate to identify those whose mission is only to obstruct.

But, President Biden, as a pragmatic politician, will continue to operate with an outstretched arm and open hand to Republicans. He has fervently expressed his beliefs in bipartisanship and that America’s best can be achieved when everyone works together.

President Biden has clearly demonstrated that his first 100, days in Office will be very productive. Thus far, he has signed 28, Executive Orders, four (4) substantive proclamations, and initiated a wide range of other administrative actions. Most importantly, his commitment to save the Soul of America and to remain engaged with the people will not be deterred by anyone and certainly not by his reverence of bipartisanship.


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