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President Obama implores allies and foes to work together

President-Obama-emploresPresident Obama implores allies and foes to work together

By Derek Joy

It was President Barack Oba-ma’s next to last State of the Union Address (SOTU).

As expected, Democrats applauded while most Republicans showed stoic faces and disapproval.

Perhaps, the disagreement among Republicans was just another publicity ploy for the Iowa Caucus that soon followed, hosting six Republican Presidential Nominee hopefuls.

“Yes,” replied Janet Saunders, a Miami resident, when asked did she see President Obama’s speech. “My President called them out and slapped them over the head.”

Could have been just that when President Obama told the people whether they like or a-greed with his plans, they could work together on things they agree with.

Such an invitation challenges even the most hateful and disagreeable politician and citizen to get busy in a positive direction rather than persist with destructive efforts. A definite unmasking of evil intents, circumspect agenda.

“I saw excerpts of it (SOTU Address), said Bishop Victor T. Curry, senior pastor/teacher of New Birth Cathedral of Faith.  “I was in church, of course. Like any leader, the President has a powerful and prolific vision for the nation. The only problem is that both Houses of Congress are vision killers – Proverbs 29:18.”

Much of that point was obvious during the Address, in Republican assessments afterward, and during interviews of Republican Presidential hopefuls in Iowa. Even more so with the chain of events among Republicans since the Address.

Florida’s Junior Senator, Marco Rubio, the first Cuban American elected to the U.S. Senate, is hearing the voices saying, “Run, Rubio, run,” and there’s former two-term Republican Governor Jeb Bush. Bush is a Presidential son and Presidential brother. He became the first Republican to win two terms as Florida’s Governor.

Incumbent Governor Rick Scott is the second Republican to win two terms. But the hang up is the recent Miami Herald report citing Bush as being paid $15,000 a month as a consultant to InnoVida, a Miami start-up that promised affordable housing.

Bush loaned his name and political expertise (contacts and so forth) to InnoVida, which never delivered on promises made, but saw its CEO Claudio Osorio land in federal prison serving more than 12 years for fraud and running a $500-million  Ponzi Scheme.

“Tonight, President Obama delivered an inspiring plan that puts the foundation of this country first – working families,” said Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson, Dem., District 24.

“At this critical time, with an improving economy and increased job growth, the stage is set for real change for our nation. We must do our part to restore ability for American families to own homes, secure well paying jobs and pay taxes,” added Wilson.

“The President has made remarkable progress over the last six years, reviving a struggling economy, including 58 consecutive months of private sector growth.”

That appears to be the exact opposite of what Republicans have been doing, as evidenced by what became public about Jeb Bush’s activities. When Scott’s first Lt. Gov., Jennifer Carroll, was exposed as a consultant for a questionable Veterans Charitable Organization, she was forced to resign.

Carroll, of course, is a Black American, the first such female to be elected Florida’s Lt. Gov. Bush, of course, is Anglo, in a well connected political family. All that leaves tons of room for speculation about Bush, about Republicans and the American voter.

“The President talked a good game. It doesn’t matter. The Senate and House have a majority of Republicans and they’re about exercising their power,” said Yani Andre, who immigrated with her parents from her native Haiti to Chicago when she was 10-years-old.

“They invited the leader of Israel without approval and undermining his Iran talks ‘cause they don’t want him to have any additional success be-fore he leaves office.”


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