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R.I.P. Brother Stuart Scott you were, “As cool as the other side of the pillow.” (Sunrise: July 19, 1965 – Sunset: January 4, 2015)

Stuart-ScottR.I.P. Brother Stuart Scott you were, “As cool as the other side of the pillow.” (Sunrise: July 19, 1965 – Sunset: January 4, 2015)

By Charles Moseley

Rumor has it that when baby Stuart Scott was born soon after the doctor slapped his backside, it is said that Baby Stuart looked up at the doctor and shouted, “Boo Yah!” and the rest of course is history. That unmistakable voice characterized by Stuart Scott, will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of those who got to know him well during his sports broadcasting career.

I was engaged in one of my favorite pastimes last Sunday night-watching ESPN, when I noticed that the subject of the broadcast involved sportscaster extraordinaire Stuart Scott. I didn’t think much about the broadcast at first until I realized they were referring to Scott in the past tense. At that moment, all my attention became drawn to the television screen. The more I paid attention to what was being said the more I realized that what ensued was not what I was prepared to hear. When I finally learned of Scott’s death, it was if I had just heard about the loss of a close friend or even a family member.

Somewhere some songwriter once wrote, “That a man ain’t supposed to cry,” but he lied. The more I listened to the announcer describe the life of Stuart Scott; his career as a unique sportscaster on ESPN, the impact he had on the sports entertainment indus-try, and his subsequent battle against the “BIG C,” seemed to put everything into perspective.” Scott did more than just deliver sports information; he captured all the blood, sweat, and tears as well as the passion and swagger which is such an integral Scott approach at sports announcing delivered a whole new, Hip Hop New Skool approach to the games he loved so well; one that transformed an entire industry forever through one of his numerous Scottisms. My mind began to focus on how Scott captured the imagination of sports fans across the nation with Scott’s signature commentaries such as,” Boo-Yah or As cool as the other side of the pillow.”

Scott for lack of a better term evolved into a modern day “Shakespeare” in the world of Sports Commentary. He truly was one of a kind. As I along with millions of other fans watched Scott began to see him appear less and less at major sporting events that we were accustomed to seeing him and as his appearance began to wane; somehow I never gave up hope that he would somehow make a last second three point shot or catch a last second “Hail Mary” catch in the end zone to win the biggest game of his life- It was not to be. At the end of the day Stuart Scott will be remembered as one who captured everyone’s imagination through the spoken word, much in the same light as a Baptist preacher does on Sunday morning. The Gospel according to Brother Stuart Scott impacted both young and old, both Black and White, and everyone in between. Scott had the ability to bring the casual observer as well as the most avid fan together on the same page.

Truly to all those who had the privilege to witness Scott during his 21 year career at ESPN would all agree that when the lights came on and Stuart Scott was in front of the cameras, no one did it better. R.I.P. Brother Stuart Scott you’ve run your final race and crossed the finish line in first place. I know you’re somewhere in heaven smiling down on us enjoying a front row seat in that great Super Bowl in the sky. ’06!


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