Race card Romney

Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

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Race card Romney

By Lucius Gantt

     If President Barack Obama wants to win his 2012 reelection effort he should start fighting for it!

    By now, everybody knows the President got his clock cleaned by a modern day Uncle Remus dipped in flour. Romney told more fairy tales and fables than Aesop and Hans Christian Anderson during the first 2012 debate and the President bowed his head, seemingly in fear of Romney, like a mischievous slave that was afraid of his overseer.

     Well, of course CNN and MSNBC cable news networks won’t explain what really is going on but The Gantt Report (TGR) will. We all know Obama is a better speaker, a better candidate and a better Commander-in-Chief than Romney will ever be but, no disrespect, the President is a good Negro!

     When the President’s non-Black campaign strategists told him ‘do what we say do’, the President did just that. The President was advised not to act like an angry Black man during the debate, not to raise his voice at Romney, not to point his finger at Romney, and don’t suggest that Romney misrepresented the truth even if every other word from Romney’s mouth conflicted with what he had said or done before.

     The President’s campaign runs ads about Bain Capital and Romney’s 47 percent statement to conservative campaign contributors but Obama didn’t say a mumbling word about either issue during the debate.

    TGR doesn’t endorse any candidates, with the possible exceptions of candidates that I know personally, so I could care less what either candidate was wrongfully told to do.

     But if I were President Obama, I would have said “Medicare will never be turned into a voucher program” under my watch. I would have said that I will fight tooth and nail for lower costs for students and improved funding for teachers’ schools. I would have said I will increase job opportunities by building and repairing America’s roads, bridges, ports and air-ports. I would have said Obamacare will never be repealed as long as I am in The White House.

    I would have spoken out very strongly on the issues discussed above along with women’s rights and immigration rights. I would have spoken out strongly even if I was accused of acting like a N-word!

    No Black man should ever bow down and act like he is afraid of “Race Card Romney”. Yes, I said it!

    If you are exploited, oppressed or discriminated against because you are Black and you mention it, a racist will say you are “playing the race card”.

    But Romney can use racial code words all of the time because everybody but TGR is scared to talk or write about it.

    “The President’s base”, well, that’s Black voters. “Those people” could be any group other than white people. Lazy, victims, on welfare and other terms used by Mr. Romney all shows insensitivity to people of color.

    I’m not afraid to stand up to Race Card Romney in a debate about the issues facing American citizens and the President shouldn’t act, look or be afraid, either.

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