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Radio talk show host Chief Jimmie Brown turns author

Chief Jimmie Brown Hot-Talk

Radio talk show host Chief Jimmie Brown turns author

By Jimmie Davis, Jr.

      In the movie “Inside Man” Denzel Washington portrayed a detective who was called upon to save the lives of individuals that were taken hostage by would be bank robbers – that was Hollywood.

     But right here in Miami in 1989 Chief Jimmie Brown, 68, was the point man when may-hem took to the streets because William Lozano a Miami Dade police officer, shot and killed a Black man by the name of Clement Lloyd that sparked three days of rioting.

     Brown’s savoir faire in calming down civil unrest resulted in the creation of “Hot Talk” which airs Sunday nights at 11 p.m. on WHQT-FM [Hot 105.1] where he has hosted the ever-popular talk show for the last 24-years and turned out to be the author of several books.

     “I was invited to speak on the radio to hear the concerns of Dade County residents so they could vent their concerns and not go out and shoot at the police,” said Brown during a telephone interview. “The show has been on the air for 24-years, and I didn’t think it would last for one-year.”

     After high school Brown decided to join the United Sates Air Force as an Air Force policeman where he earned the Bronze Star and the Air Force Commendation Medal for serving during the Vietnam War.

     With a military police back-ground, Brown joined the Miami Dade Police Department and retired after 30-years of service.

     His career reached a pinnacle when he served as a consultant to the Los Angeles Police Department in the aftermath of the Rodney King riot.

     “I had the expertise to go out and lead police from all over the country,” Brown said. “I demonstrated concepts on how to prevent riots.”

     During his life’s journey Brown picked up a Bible and started to preach. He was a United Methodist pastor for 37-years.

     Furthermore, in 2006 he was inducted into the Miami-Dade College Hall of Fame.

     With all of these great accomplishments under his belt, Brown has navigated his career to another echelon by becoming an educator where he’s an adjunct professor at Barry and Everest University.

     So what’s next on the agenda for the creative tapestry of Brown?

     He’s published quite a lot of books in 2012 – Co-author of No Glory without a Story, authored, God Wants You to Win, Save Your Marriage and Develop A Lifelong Love [with wife Michelle], “Inexpensive (legal) Ways To Raise Your Credit Score, The Top Ten reasons You Aren’t Where You Want To Be (And How To Get There) and “Interview Success!”

     There’s a wise saying that goes “Behind every good man there’s a good woman” and indeed Brown gives credit to his lovely wife Michelle [Army Veteran] for much of his success and together they have five sons and 10 grandchildren.

     Brown is very excited about his manuscripts and will be on a book signing tour – the dates and locations are in the Westside Gazette’s Community Digest.  



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