Rainbow Pride -> “Love Thy Neighbor”

Rainbow Pride -> “Love Thy Neighbor”

By Don Valentine

To my students of the scriptures let me remind you of Matthew 7:12 (English Standard Version) “So whatever you wish others would do to you, do also to them.”

That is commonly summarized as the “Golden Rule.” My question for you to ponder today is how many of our readers would cherish being ostracized, banished from their church, work or any other place of decorum.

I want you to Go with me, Take a ride with me, Shake a hand with me, Make a new friend with me!

In the words of the song by Gladys Knight, “Let’s Ride The Friendship Train.” Thanks to President Trump, a window of abomination has been opened. If you contrasted the last administration [one Black and one White vocally xenophobic, homophobic and  racial.] The latter advocating racial and political divisiveness to the degree it is becoming ubiquitous. We need love and unity more now than ever.

The “Diversity Monthly History” is a very interesting evolution.  This year in 2019 President Trump gave “Pride Month” just a modicum of acknowledgement more than he has ever given the N.A.A.C.P.  That would be equal to the amount of votes he received from me “Zip-Zero!”

57 years have enlightened me that as one pastor succinctly said, “There are only 2 kinds of Christians. ‘Sho Christians.’  They just want to be seen to be working for the Lord. Then there are the ‘Fo Sho’ Christians. They are the ones who DO THE WORK FOR THE LORD!

Which one are you?  The Trump type and just for “Sho” or are you willing to follow Christ’s words?  Jesus preached love and tolerance for all men.

Please Go with me, Take a ride with me, Shake a hand with me, Make a new friend with me! We need love in this world!


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