Rebuttal on Wa’el article “Don’t lift sanctions on Syria to help earthquake victims” in  Washington Post.

Mohammed Khaku

By Mohammed Khaku

     The Washington Post has no “moral integrity” and has failed miserably in publishing the piece by Wa’el. The damage this reckless editorial department has done will be felt for years to come.

My first instinct was that this was a “hoax” , but it is true. Talking about not lifting sanctions on grounds humanity is heartless, but this is who the USA Anglo-Saxon Imperialist Zionist media is.

Wa’el, says “US should hold its grounds not to lift the sanctions.” While many human rights organizations, think tanks, editors, and many academicians say, “Sanctions Kills” and should be lifted.

Two hundred religious organizations and NGOs have demanded an end to the sanctions. They live there. They see reality. Not the one-sided story told by the Zionist media.

The USA should end the sanctions. It is a weapon of the global cartel of Europe and America. Most Christians in the country support Assad.

A statement was jointly released by Syrian Patriarchs of different churches that begged for the end of sanctions and supported Assad.

They support him read the statement at

Christian leaders in Syria call for an end to unjust sanctions.

Wa’el it is morally deranged to politicize a critical natural disaster with over thirty thousand or more dead. I am repulsed by the inhumane opinion offered in the Washington Post.

It is reprehensive, Wa’el, you have no decency, & you & your Emgage colleges are selfishly focused on just your own political gains to get the Jobs with the State department like father and son. Shame on you & Emgage.

If the USA cares one iota about the wellbeing of Syrians, or Iranian then they should lift the sanctions. Obviously, they do not give a donkey’s ass on human life, they would rather care about blue eyes and blonde hair of Ukraine.

Who is Wa’el Alzayat?

I do not need to say much other that Mr. Wa’el is the chief executive of Emgage. He was the mastermind of the plan with Samantha Powel to divide Iraq after the invasion by Bush into three sectarian regions of Kurds, Shias, and Sunnis. It was Sistani and the religious leader who derailed.

Wa’el Alzayat is delusional or mentally disturbed. Probably a combination of the two. Emgage and Wa’el are the main cause of disunity in the Muslim community (Ummah) nationwide. He is a disgusting and lying piece of garbage.

An unscientific survey talking to Muslim leaders, community members and top Muslim organizations would say Emgage CEO has divided Muslims.

Many ex-Emgage workers believe that Wa’el Alzayat is in the pocket of the US Zionist Israel lobby.

During my time with Emgage he would attend the zoom meeting with a gun hanging on his back wall to show he is a Macho man. The Lehigh Valley Muslims have nothing to do with Emgage.

Zionist Israel Lobby

The Israel lobby in the US continues to promote the rain of misery on the innocent people of Syria and the ignorant, ill-informed Americans go along with it.

Wa’el, you talk about “White Helmet,” the organization created by the Zionist as a propagandist accused by human rights organizations as faking evidence of atrocities & sometimes committing themselves to convince the West.

This White Helmet placed signs “Do not send your children to school. If you do, we will get the backpack and you will get the coffin.”

They destroyed factories, looted houses, and sold trucks of looted machinery and materials to Turkey.

Syrian War:

The coverage of the Syrian war will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the American press. Reporting about carnage in the ancient city of Muslim civilization.

There is outrageous contempt towards human life within the mainstream media, which continues to support the Military Industrial Complex to divide and escalate the USA into proxy Zionist wars.

People of conscience need to call for it to end. It is Disgraceful. Recall Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, when asked about the half a million children who died as a result of U.S. sanctions on Iraq, replied, “We think the price is worth it.”

One Aleppo resident wrote on social media. The Beirut-based analyst Marwa Osma asked, “The Syrian Arab Army, which is led by President Bashar Assad, is the only force on the ground, along with their allies, who are fighting ISIS — so you want to weaken the only system that is fighting ISIS?”

USA and the coalition forces did the same in Iraq. The US forces did not have the stomach to fight ISIS in Iraq; it was Ayatollah Sistani’s edict and Gen. Qassim Soleimani’s forces which destroyed ISIS.

Wael’s opinions of replacing Assad and supporting ISIS and al-Nusra is convoluted nonsense and a spin on the soiled carousel edible to the Zionist media.

Wael’s disinformation and his cohorts have infiltrated into Emgage, and it is time for Emgage to fire him.

The US policy is: “Fight Assad, Putin, China and Iran by joining with Turkish, Saudi, and Kurdish to support Zionist Israel.”


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