Rep. Kim Daniels, A Florida Black Trump Lap Dog   

By Nicole Nutting and Don Valentine                           

        She said: My friend, you know I’m older than dirt and not too much surprises me anymore! I came up in the turmoil of the 1960’s in Berkeley. Angela Davis was teaching across the bay, the Black Panthers were terrorizing Oakland. This is what stopped me in my tracks: Your own Florida Rep Kim Daniels (D-HD14), a Black woman, stated in a video “I thank God for slavery.” Wait, WHAT??

       Help me out here, Don! What Black person would ever say that, out loud, and on tape?! Beyond that, race issues aside, is this what passes for a Democrat in your neck of the woods?

       He said:  What makes our conversations interesting to our readers is our diversity. You’re in the L.G.B.T.Q. community and I am a “Straight” Black guy. We agree on topics and make rational arguments when we don’t.  That is what makes this platform readable. I concur with you Nicole. Rep. Daniels does not represent me or mine! No Black, White, Asian, or Hispanic person Should Ever and I mean NEVER rally behind Slavery!

       Let me make the readers aware of her other “Wacky” prejudices. Acclaimed writer Nick Knudsen was correct in exposing her fallacious theorem that homosexuality is caused by demonic possession. You love who you love and I don’t need to personally know what you do in your bedroom. I don’t give a Rip!  That judgment is between you and God.

       She said:  Methinks she doth protest too much! My community would call her a “closet case”, or at least a Republican in drag! Don, she can’t be that big a Trump “Kool-Aid” drinker to coherently expound that what happened with Black slavery was positive.  No one I associate with would say something that stupid.  Then to have it come from a Black sister? It is amazing how many history classes she must have slept through!

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