Republicans Lunacy Returned To Lamp of Common Sense

John Johnson

By John Johnson

      Republicans in a desperate attempt to regain the presidency as well as control of the Senate and House have decided that Democracy is no longer their cup of tea. Rather, they’re behaving as raging power-hungry lunatics. Their lunacy poses a greater threat to our Democracy than COVID-19. Scientists developed a vaccine for COVID-19 in less than two years. However, there’s a powerful antidote that can limit the affects Republicans’ anti-democracy ideology. Unfortunately, it takes quite a while before it takes effect.

Consequently, Republican lunacy is driving them to even contemplate committing murder. Republican Senators and members of their base are threatening to kill fellow Democratic Senators and anyone who opposes Trump. His claims of having lost because of a fraudulent election remains the rallying cry. Stop and think for a moment. Now ask, “Why have Republicans turned their backs on Democracy?”

Simply put, it’s about racism, which is the same issue that caused the Civil War of 1861. Republicans and their base feel threaten and are determined to maintain power and their belief in white supremacy at any costs. Also, they’re refusing to heed the demands of Black people that America’s Democracy must work for all its people and not just for white people and the one percenters.

But there’s a new beginning started long ago by our Black ancestors, like Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglas. They never gave up their fight and prayers for freedom. Reverend James Cleveland said it best in his song, “I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired. I don’t believe that God would bring me this far just to leave me.”

Far too many Black and Brown people joined not just by an underground railroad of white folks, but a superhighway of folks of every color throughout America willing to openly help bend the pendulum towards a more perfect union.

The people’s mighty vote constitutes the powerful antidote that will protect our Democracy and return Republicans’ lunacy to the lamp of common sense as well as crush any an all insurrections.

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