‘Return to Camelot’

Congressman Joe Kennedy, III
Congressman Joe Kennedy, III
Congressman Joe Kennedy, III

“He Said – She Said”

‘Return to Camelot’                        

By Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

He Said:  We got a glimpse of our future at the State of the Union Address.  Welcome back to Camelot, President Elect Joe Kennedy III.  The country is so ready for a groomed, polished and Presidential presence to unite our country.  Now toss in his pedigree, he has been prepped and groomed for this position since before he was born. Talk about a “Manchurian Candidate”.  The Congressman is a grandson of Senator and former United States Attorney General Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy, a great-nephew of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy.

She Said: Mixed feelings on this end! Kennedy’s rebuttal was decidedly spot on, and his lapse into Spanish was tactically brilliant. His delivery, however, was more energetic than charismatic. This man is definitely a diamond in the rough. but his youth may be against him in terms of a 2020 Presidential bid.

He Said:  Nicole, you recall the saying “That if one does not know there they are doomed to repeat it!”.  The current administration is real time proof that the plebeian electorate does not mandate that the Commander in Chief have political experience.  You probably voted for that has been “Reality T.V.” star.

The man went to Harvard law school.  You think he did not spend any time with his favorite uncle on Capitol Hill!

She Said: Well, we’re pretty used to movie star politicians in California, but I’ve never voted for one! You would think they could throw some liberals into the mix, but they’ve all been conservatives.  That brings up the question, what would be the successful path for Democrats going forward?

Kennedy has a Progressive agenda, but would that turn off our Centrists and lose us some votes?  I’m personally counting on Newton’s third law of gravity, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.  We’re currently seeing the far right, but it’s time for the pendulum to swing the opposite way!  Get out and vote in 2018!!


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