Round of Applause This Women’s History Month For Hosanna 4 Youth Founder, Angine Moss, Who Continues to Serve Victims of Sexual Crimes, even more, Post Pandemic.

As rich as Black community culture is, we often miss the opportunities to shine a light on sexual crimes and exploitation that plague our communities. This Women’s History Month, we are celebrating and shining a light on community Shero and Founder of Hosanna 4 Youth, Angine Moss. Hosanna 4 Youth is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization that offers programs, community outreach and fundraising to provide support for victims of molestation, incest, rape, sex trafficking and domestic violence. According to, “Of the sexual abuse cases reported to law enforcement, 93% juvenile victims knew the perpetrator, specifically, 59% were acquaintances, 34% were family members and seven percent were strangers to the victim.

Since starting in 2007, Hosanna 4 Youth has positively impacted over 2,500 girls and boys in Broward County. The organization has participated in over 100 community partners events, presented at more than 50 churches, schools, businesses, and organizations, as well as signed over 5,000 community service volunteer hours.

Post-pandemic, Moss and her team expanded their endeavors and programs to meet demand because after COVID19 hit, victims of all ages, male and female, found themselves at home more with their abusers. Hosanna 4 Youth programs like EXPOSED the Conversation, Heart to Heart Youth Forums, Parenting 101, TOUCHED and HUGS provide much needed education, awareness, resources and support for victims of sexual crimes. In fact, HUGS is Broward County’s first LGBTQ+ program aimed at children of color. “We need our youth to feel safe regardless of sex, age or even sexual orientation,” says Moss.

After enduring a myriad of internal business changes and challenges from 2007 to 2017, Angine started sharing her own children trauma authentically and more transparently on any platform that would host her. That was the birth of the organizations’ first program, EXPOSED The Conversation. Today, Hosanna 4 Youth has a board of five dedicated members, a variety of community-based programs, and a host of committed volunteers. reports, “The hard truth is most crimes involving incest, molestation and rape are never reported. Sixty percent of victims have not reported abuse to the police. Furthermore, 30% are victims of domestic abuse, and 77% don’t tell anyone about it.”

Thankfully, Angine Moss and her team are visible in both Florida and Georgia. “We do street clean up in Broward County. We pass out condoms and share program information with the prostitutes, drug addicts, homeless, and runaways. And We invite them to our office to do an assessment of their needs and connect them with community partners for services,” says Moss.

As you expand on the frontier with us, never forget that it takes a village, but it also takes recognition. This Women’s History Month, we recognize Angine Moss. We see you Queen. We salute you, and we appreciate the work you are doing in the community.

To donate to Hosanna for Youth, use CashApp $Hosanna4Youth or paypal Please email or visit for more information.


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