Satanic Pardon Powers

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The Gantt Report

Satanic Pardon Powers

By Lucius Gantt

       If you believe in jurisprudence, you have to also believe that no man or woman, in the United States, is above the law.

The idea that President Donald Trump can commit any crime and violate any law he wants to and not be federally charged, indicted, convicted and jailed because he has Presidential pardon powers is ludicrous!

Yes, the President can give pardons to people that have been deemed federal law-breakers, but he can’t give pardons to cover up additional crimes and he certainly can’t pardon himself to cover up or stop investigations and charges based on his own criminal misconduct.

Recently, Trump has given out a slew of pardons. He has pardoned a campaign law violator that lied about and hated America’s only African American Commander in Chief, former two term President Barack Obama. He pardoned a Watergate criminal, Scooter Libby, and he pardoned a racist Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, who illegally profiled Hispanics in Arizona and ignored court orders that prohibited the racist profiling.

Trump also posthumously pardoned one of my favorite athletes, former heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson, who was charged and convicted of basically dating a white woman.

African Americans had called on many Presidents for Johnson’s pardon but were denied. Then, a white man, actor Sylvester Stallone, walked into Trump’s office one day and walked out with a pardon for the Black sports hero.

The Great Satan is very tricky but even a President with devilish intentions can’t go to sleep and dream about pardoning himself or his campaign staff or his children for violating federal laws that relate to his campaign or his presidency.

Saying the President is a “bad” dude is not enough to turn his base of white nationalists and white supremacists against him.

However, using the Office of the President to enrich yourself and pad your pockets by laundering foreign money to help Russian oligarchs get rich and wealthy is very undesirable even for klansmen, neonazis and skinheads!

The clock is ticking on the days left in office for the 45th President.

When the Special Prosecutor connects the money dots, the hunted witch will be caught and figuratively burned at the Congressional impeachment stake!

The proposed cover up pardon will be deemed far worse than the governmental crimes!

Obstruction of justice is the nail that will seal the Presidential coffin!




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