SCOTUS pick more about money than politics

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt  

      People that sit on court benches are people just like you that come from communities like yours, are educated in schools similar to yours and have imperfections just like you have. You have good and bad people in your neighborhood and you have good and bad judges on SCOTUS.

President Donald Trump has taken full advantage of a Republican plot to block and deny most, if not all, judicial nominations made by former President Barack Obama and to rush through each and every judicial nomination made by America’s Liar in Chief.

This country’s most conservative men and women, described as the Trump base, will support the nominations of any judges that Trump tells them to support. Even if the nominees are liars, cheaters, sex criminals, mean spirited, alcoholics or closet klansmen, Republicans that are terrified of “Tweets” will rubber stamp whatever nominations that the President tells them to.

However, don’t get your mind twisted and turned by your favorite cable news networks and don’t get fooled by the news sources you hate!

Political punks and pirates want you to think considerations of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to become a member of the Supreme Court of the United States is all about a fight between Democrats and Republicans.

It is not! Most people in America had no problem in accepting Trump’s earlier SCOTUS nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch.  Gorsuch “acted” like he would be fair. He acted like he had the appropriate mindset and demeanor.

The reason supremacists, separatists, skin heads, neonazis and ku klux klansmen desire to go to war to get Kavanaugh’s nomination confirmed by any means necessary is because the Special Prosecutor is on top of financial crimes committed by the President, his children, his son-in-law and his Russian handlers!

If Trump can get the judicial “swing vote” on SCOTUS that will argue that Trump is above the law, that Trump cannot be charged, cannot be indicted, cannot be impeached and that Trump should never ever have to release his tax returns, never has to obey emolument laws, never has to obey campaign financing laws and never has to come clean to the masses of Americans, getting an alleged sex criminal on SCOTUS is a wonderful thing!

Kavanaugh was not nominated because he was the best candidate in the United States, “Beer keg Brett” was nominated because he would “parrot” Donald Trump, he would rubber stamp all legal policies and procedures suggest by Trump and Kavanaugh would have no problem with being partisan, with hating and with lying to get a lifetime job on SCOTUS!

Kavanaugh, if confirmed, will hate everything Trump hates, oppose everything that Trump wants opposed and repeal everything the women want, immigrants want and everything Obama supported like policies that addressed global warming, policies for affordable health care and affordable housing and policies for justice, equal rights and civil rights!

Don’t let political devils tell you Kavanaugh’s proposed nomination is about Hillary Clinton, about political parties or even about “destroying” a devilish judges’ family.

Trump can nominate any conservative judge he wants to serve on SCOTUS but this Kavanaugh guy is too desperate. He will tell any lie he can to get a chance to protect and save President Donald Trump from investigations of financial crimes, indictments, convictions and impeachments for him and his family members!

Part of Kavanaugh’s hearing statements were stolen from Judge Clarence Thomas. How sick, sad and desperate can a SCOTUS nominee be?



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