Secret Documents Falling From The Sky

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

America’s once favorite folktale, “Henny-Penny and the Sky Is Falling,” has now been  replaced by, “Trump and Biden, Secret Documents Are Falling  From the Sky. We’ve known for an exceptionally long time that Henny-Penny was an idiot. But to have former president Trump alleged that someone else, maybe the Tooth Fairy, placed those secret  documents at his Mar-a-Lago Estate boarders on insanity. If Trump keep this line of lies going, Florida’s governor  will have Henny-Penny jailed.

President Biden refused to lie. Hell, he just  admitted not  remembering  how the secret documents ever got inside a locked box in his former office. But amazingly, he suggested that his home undergo a search because there could be additional  secret document slightly hidden.  Let’s give Biden credit, at least he didn’t allege his childhood friend, and  folk hero, Robin Hood was responsible.

Wow! It looks like both Henny-Penny and Robin Hood may get  removed from  schools’  libraries. Henny-Penny is an idiot and Robin Hood is a criminal.  The Governor is determined to make sure his election squad keeps busy. It’s amazing, how Republican voters are chopping at the bit to elect another Ivey leaguer whose intellect rivals Trump’s.

Let’s dispense with humor because this pattern of how secret documents are  managed threatens our Nation’s security as well as the lives of those working to keep us safe. Besides, it’s Ludacris to continue labeling these documents as secret. It appears they’re about as secret as the logo on a box of Kellogg’s Frosty Flakes.

It’s even more frightening   knowing that the former  president and current president respectively had possession of the Nuclear codes cache. Trump alleges whatever he wants is his to take. While Biden takes what’s not his and fails to remember that he took it. This irresponsible behavior, which for former president Trump may prove criminal, may just be recklessness laced with senility for President Biden.

Congress must thoroughly investigate both incidents. One could conclude that public libraries have a  better and more reliable system of loaning and retrieving books than the Federal Government’s National Archives and Records Administration.

Again, Henny-Penny was an idiot and Robin Hood was a thief. Presidents whose judgement and intellect are more callous than that of  characters personified in folktales must not  be entrusted with top secret documents. Who would allow the bad wolf to care for Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother?

Let’s cut through the chase by starting with a Classic 101, investigative approach by following the documents’ trail. There must be a tracking system starting with the agents leading all the way to the president. If there isn’t, pink slips need to drop like secret documents from the sky!

Most importantly, how did the former and current president managed to keep these documents, who assembled the documents, who transported the documents and where, and why no one recognized that these documents were missing? Trump has admitted taking documents. Strangely, Biden presently only appears to remember that his house needed searching. What about Trump’s  other resorts? What about Biden’s son’s dwellings?

Regardless, if Trump’s case is criminal because he engaged in obstruction and Biden case is a misdemeanor due to carelessness, they both require a thorough investigation. Minimally, they both should face charges for  derelictions of their  duties. They  failed to safeguard classified secret documents so they wouldn’t fall in the hands of domestic and foreign terrorists.

We’re yet to learn if any of these secret documents, which are like falling from the sky, are now in the hands of our enemies.


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