Shoot’em Up! Bang! Bang!

Dederick Henry, Sr.
Dederick Henry, Sr.
Dederick Henry, Sr.

Shoot’em Up! Bang! Bang!

Alprazolam Buy Uk By Dedrick Henry, Sr.

Xanax Cheap Online First and foremost, I’m quite sure the world is as shocked as I am with the verdict for the murder of young Trayvon Martin. I send my prayers and condolences to the Martin family. I don’t know what has happened to our justice system, laws, morals and simple things like right and wrong. Was and is this all by design? Are we as Black folk here just to be eliminated? Are we that superior to the white race they will allow a guilty man to walk away from killing a Black boy? Oh, that’s right; no one was charged with killing Emmit Till. And I do, too, remember the not guilty verdict from the Rodney King incident. And the years it took to finally convict Byron De La Beckwith with the murder of civil rights activist Medgar Evers. And I have still yet to hear anything about the conviction for the 2011 Urban Beach shooting which lead to the death of 22-year-old Raymond Herisse on South Beach where police unloaded some 116 shots into his vehicle. Really are that many shots necessary to subdue one man? Herisse didn’t even have a gun or fire a single shot? 12 police participated and Herisse was hit some sixteen times slumped on the steering wheel.천안외국인출장만남[카톡-+Mo27]【m+oo27.c0M】출장샵예약포항출장아가씨Y♦⊙2019-03-20-02-58천안⇊AIJ┟출장색시미녀언니출장소이스홍성콜걸↲출장여대생♖흥출장안마↗천안

Buy Xanax Silk Road It seems that the preservation of Black life means nothing to the white race. The “Stand Your Ground Law” is the main reason why this incident transpired without a guilty verdict; its total design is to eliminate and not to protect. White AmeriKKKa knows that the majority of Black and brown brothers are convicted felons which prohibits us from ever becoming gun owners. This prevents a lot of us from even applying when it still may be possible to one day become a licensed gun owner. This law is just one of the reasons we as a people need to vote on all laws, big or small, whether it’s in your neighborhood or not. It is still your community. When you heard stand your ground, you probably thought protect yourself. When was the last time you actually allowed someone to harm you without retaliation or even a push back or a cold look? Momma always told you if somebody hits you to hit them back, so why would you need a law to govern that? We’ve lived by this law all our lives and it is not written down, voted on or passed; it’s just the way it is. Stand your ground eliminates us from shooting back while they are shooting at us. Again when you heard stand your ground, you didn’t think about the shell shocked veterans, the skin heads, the flashlight cops, the extreme neighborhood watch, the hunting hillbillies and the invisible white sheets. I live in South Florida and I still see Rebel Flags and swastika signs in neighborhoods and in some pick- up trucks from time to time. Trayvon’s space was violated, making him the prey with Zimmerman in pursuit as the predator. So, it was Trayvon protecting himself that unfortunately led to his demise. Trayvon did what any normal human would do in this situation-defend himself. When Zimmerman should have backed off, he pursued which lead to him getting his butt whipped, forcing him to use his gun. His intentions may have only been to subdue Trayvon, but Trayvon had other plans being in unfamiliar territory. He, too, was fighting for his life; only he was unarmed.

Buy Xanax Ebay Zimmerman’s training had failed him. The wet grass, the weather conditions and his unskilled approach all worked in Trayvon’s favor and before he realized, it he was getting whipped and whipped good. He, too, was scared just as scared as Trayvon was from being followed.

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84a09a6d63018107741792ac367782b1 It’s just a messed up situation and definitely all messed up in Sanford, Florida and “Stand your Ground” is too blame.

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Buy Original Xanax Online Prayerfully, I hope this opens a lot of blind eyes on what it takes to own a firearm as well as the procedures necessary to require a legal firearm. But most importantly, who White AmeriKKKa gives firearms to. The past incidents tell their own stories, whether white or Black, dead or alive the cause is still the total misuse of firearms. That is the final conclusion!!!!


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