Should the Florida Democratic Party support Thaddeus Hamilton for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services?

Thaddeus-Hamilton2Should the Florida Democratic Party support Thaddeus Hamilton for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services?

By Roger Caldwell

LTC Thaddeus Hamilton is an African American that has qualified to be on the Nov. 4, 2014 ballot, as Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This is an extremely powerful position in the state cabinet, but the majority of the 18.5 million Florida residents don’t know it exists. It impacts every aspect of our life in the state, but the Democratic leadership in the state is not concerned with supporting the most qualified person for the job.

Mr. Hamilton is a Democrat, who graduated from college with a degree in Agriculture, and has spent the last 40 years of his life in agriculture and the environment.

He retired after 36 years from the United States Department of Agriculture, and worked on the local, state, and national staff level. He was honored by President George H. Bush for outstanding service in agriculture and the environment.

Hamilton’s credentials are impeccable and he is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army. He was director, Civil Military Operation for Operation Desert Storm, and instructor Commander General at Staff College. All his life, he has intimately been involved in education, and his number one priority as Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs is to protect and educate Florida residents.

The Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services is the largest department in the state, and to be effective, you cannot learn on the job.

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer services plays a key role in the functioning of the state economy. In Florida, there is cronyism and friendship that determine why a candidate is supported by a party, as opposed to being qualified for the job.

Ninety-eight percent of Florida residents don’t understand the importance of this cabinet position and it impacts the entire ecosystem, from the water we drink, the food we eat, and the businesses that we pay our hard earned money.

The Division of Consumer Services is the state’s clearing-house for consumer complaints, education, and protection. Under its umbrella are Concealed Weapons, Consumer Resources, Business Services, Agriculture Industry, Forests & Wildfire, Food and Nutrition, Education, Energy, and Water.

“It’s time to unite the citizens with consumer protection, agriculture, and environment to ensure that Florida is a sustainable state. It is time to put needs, wishes, and concerns of the citizens in the state of Florida first. As commissioner, I will support Public Education and focus on holding the entire system accountable, and involve the entire community in the education process,” says Hamilton.

The Democratic Party in Florida must challenge the Re-publican Party at every position in the state. As long as the Re-publicans control every position in the Governors cabinet his initiatives that are bad for the state are rubber stamped with no challenge.

Thad Hamilton is qualified and a game changer in the state.  He is ready to lead once he is elected, but he needs support from the Democratic leadership in the state. How can the Democratic Party remain silent and want to win?



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