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Social issues and moral values conflict beyond equality

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Social issues and moral values conflict beyond equality

By Derek Joy

And so, the war is on…

Just like the late Marvin Gaye recorded a landmark album – What’s Going On? – as the Vietnam War raged on.

Curiously, media reports and some historians often credit the War on Terrorism as America’s longest war.

Fact is, America got involved in Vietnam in 1959 – earlier by covert efforts. It lasted until 1975. That’s 16 years, much longer than the War on Terrorism has spanned.

Just mentioned that as an appetizer. Set the table for a curveball. Now, get up on this!

Here it is, a time when Jews mark the beginning of the solemn holy day of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. It’s year 5775 on the Hebrew calendar.

And, in America, Judaism stands as the equal of the world’s great (popular) religions. Right there alongside Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Even satanic followers can be found in ample numbers.

The United States Constitution legislated “Certain inalienable rights” for the citizenry. Freedom of religion is most definitely one of those rights. Quite different from other countries that demand the practice of one religion.

As such, American citizens cannot be harassed, ostracized, intimidated, persecuted or murdered for engaging in their religious practice of choice. Bear in mind that each of the world’s great religions embrace moral values.

Each has a foundation constructed on a belief in faith. Strength of belief, faith and character are the cornerstones of moral values in all religions. Those are key elements in navigating the social sphere of worldly existence.

The obvious, we don’t see. Simply because the focus is more on being politically correct for the sake of social acceptance. Sadly enough, being politically correct for social acceptance can sometimes defy the laws of nature.

Precisely the point that came to mind as I watched Miami Dade Publicly Safety Director J.D. Patterson respond to questions asked by Jim DeFede, host of CBS 4/WFOR’s Facing South Florida.

Patterson, like others before him, including the late Rev. Dr. Robert B. Ingram, current host of Hot Talk on radio station HOT 105, Rev. Jimmie Brown, retired Sgt. Frank Dean, is a policeman and ordained minister. Pistol-packing preachers.

“No. I wasn’t surprised by what happened in Ferguson, Mo. It’s history repeating itself. As you know, we had a similar situation here in the 80’s,” said Patterson.

Michael Brown, an unarmed Black American teenager, was shot and killed in Ferguson by Darren Wilson, an Anglo policeman. Social unrest and civil disobedience erupted.

Pretty much the same that followed the deaths of Arthur McDuffie and Neville Johnson who were unarmed when they were killed by police officers, a classic example of social issues that challenge moral values in the search for justice.

For sure, all the religions of the world are being challenged by such violent acts. Consequently, religious leaders should aggressively answer the challenge.


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