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Something to think about

Something to think about

Hello, I know this is a very sensitive issue, but I must say something. I respect everyone who came out about their sexual abuse.  However, as a man who’s sitting in jail for false allegations of sexual abuse, I feel that we should not be so fast to point the finger and judge because next week it could be you that the finger being pointed at. And the crazy thing is there is “no” evidence needed, only your name and it’s over for you. The so-called victim in my case comes to see me, she writes me, and she tells me how sorry she is for allowing her grandmother to use her to lie on me. All am saying is we need to look into allegations more that have “no” evidence behind them. A lot of people may not care because it’s not their dad, brother, son or love one… Yet!! As for the people out there who are sexually violating or violating of any kind, you need to seek help. Yes that also goes for you to, Mr. President.

J.D. Osborn, Sr.,

God Knows All….!! 2017


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