Spoiled Brats, Every Single One

Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

By Nicole Nutting and Don Valentine

He said: What is going on with your White community?  When Black folks peacefully protest we get rubber bullets, tear gas and immediate arrests!

She said: After the appalling display at our nation’s capitol Wednesday, we can now say we know what a mass tantrum looks like. Imagine a sea of two-year-olds on their backs, banging their heels against the floor. Parents, this is the inevitable outcome of allowing bad behavior from your children. When tantrums produce the desired outcome, then children will never outgrow them.

What makes these so-called “Proud Boys” so proud? Are they proud of trespassing on federal property? Proud of vandalizing “the People’s House” and defecating on the floor? Proud that their actions resulted in injury and deaths? Or were they simply proud that, due to the color of their skin, the police response was tepid at best.

This episode was a lesson in contrasts. Picture the last #Black Lives Matter protest in DC, a peaceful group of people campaigning for the respect they’ve always deserved and never received. Compare that to this violent and entitled mob, whining even though they’ve always gotten respect they don’t deserve.

To the Whites, who thought this protest was just peachy keen: GROW UP. The world doesn’t rotate around your self-centered grievances. If you’re unhappy with your life, look within. Whiteness never guaranteed your success.

To the politicians who encouraged the coup attempt: Shame on you for putting your career trajectory above your oath to the Constitution. You are frauds, and the voters WILL remember.

To the Black audience reading this: My most abject apology, that people who look like me would think it is acceptable to behave like that. Yes, I realize my apology will never, ever, ever be enough…


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