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Sports and politics revolve around freedom of choice

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Sports and politics revolve around freedom of choice

By Derek Joy

The dog days of summer in South Florida have brought ample rain with its customary searing hot temperatures.

Seems the ‘Boys of Summer’ found two Miami Marlins – outfielder Giancarlo Stanton and pitcher Henderson Alvarez – on the National League’s roster for the All Star Game.

While the Miami Dolphins prepare for the opening of training camp later this month, the Miami Heat hasn’t missed a beat in dealing with lost of LeBron James, who chose to return to his Ohio roots and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

No.  Miami Heat fans didn’t spew venomous words at James for leaving the Heat after helping them win two championships in four consecutive trips to the NBA Finals.

That wouldn’t be in the spirit of the American way, where freedom of choice is a cherished right. Too bad the late Curt Flood, and those of his generation didn’t have that freedom.

Flood, by the way, was the St. Louis Cardinals outfielder, who lost a career and his life after challenging Major League Baseball in court. He lost.

And years passed before professional athletes enjoyed the benefits of free agency.

So, you see, there really isn’t any justification to engage in angry attacks on athletes exercising their freedom of choice.  None.  Not at all.

Heat President Pat Riley signed Luol Deng to help fill the void left by James. Those who watched Deng in college at Duke University and with the Chicago Bulls, know his skills and highly competitive attitude should be a plus.

Chances are the Heat will make the playoffs again.  Might even challenge for another championship.   Would be nice to see the Marlins and Dolphins show the same competitive results as the Heat.

Goes right in step with the close of FIFA World Soccer Cup in Brazil with Germany knocking off  Argentina to win it all.

There’s the world of professional sports. Happens that the political arena is heating up as the Aug. 26 Elections draw near.  That time when municipal elections reach an end, unless a runoff is warranted, while state and federal elections are the primary.

Former Governor Charlie Crist appears well positioned to outdistance former Legislator Nan Rich to win the Democratic Gubernatorial nomination.  Governor Rick Scott is loaded with money to take on the winner.

Hence, a haunting question remains to be answered.  Will money alone buy the Governor’s Mansion?  Or will it be a battle of issues?

It wasn’t just money for James.  Nor for Deng in choosing to sign with the Heat.  James has two NBA Championships.  He wanted to go home.  Deng has no championships and wants one.  Granted. It wasn’t quite that simple.  But capitalism is that way.

And we see no less of a capitalistic reality when it comes to political office. All about the money.  Which candidate can raise the most money to buy media campaigns to sway enough votes to win.


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